Simple Tips to Conserve Water


If your high water bill is causing you some distress, there are ways you can lower it. Are you worried about how your water usage affects the environment? The desire for water conservation can be prompted by many reasons, but whatever the case may be, there are various methods that can reduce your water consumption.

Outdated appliances can be a major cause of water waste in your home. Buying Energy Star dishwashers can increase water efficiency by about 15%, and using Energy Star washing machines can result in 40% less water being used per wash. These models rely less on water, which will ultimately save you money. While it may seem like buying new appliances would be more expensive at first, consider the purchase of upgraded appliances as an investment towards future savings.

When brushing your teeth or washing your hands, make sure you are turning off the tap. Each minute you leave the water running can waste two and a half gallons for standard facets. Turning on the tap only to rinse can be an easy way to conserve water. Installing a new aerator on your sinks can also impact conservation. A WaterSense aerator can restrict the water flow to less than one gallon per minute while still maintaining the same amount of water pressure. Make sure to let pots and pans soak in water to help soften the food stuck on them. This will help reduce the time it takes to wash them later on.

When you are waiting for your shower to warm up, put a bucket under the facet to collect the water. This water can be repurposed for other things such as watering your plants. You can turn the waste into something of value. Reducing the amount of time you spend in the shower can be a gigantic step in water conservation. An old shower head can produce up to five gallons of liquid each minute, so shortening your showers makes a tremendous difference.

The toilet is the greatest exhaust of water in your house. A low-flow toilet can cut down on gallons of waste during each flush. Installing a half gallon jug of water in the toilet tank can achieve the same outcome.

Here are some more general tips to keep in mind. Look out for leaky plumbing. A slow leak may be hard to detect, and it can be happening without you knowing. Leakage can also cause a sudden spike in your bills, so make sure to pay attention to the amount every month. If you need to water outside plants it is best to do so in the early morning. The cooler temperature means less water will be lost to evaporation. Installing a rain barrel can allow you to recycle rainwater for the purpose of maintaining your plants or lawn. Be sure to only run the dishwasher or washing machine when you have full loads.

Following these simple tips can save hundreds of gallons of water each year. For assistance in improving your home’s water conservation abilities, contact Richardson Plumbing. We have over twenty years of experience, so you can be confident you are receiving quality service from knowledgeable professionals. Richardson Plumbing is located in Florence, KY, and we provide service to Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

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How to Tell If You Need a New Dishwasher


As time passes, the performance of appliances will deteriorate. A defective dishwasher may not be obvious to the eye, but there are some clues that can reveal a problem. If any of these situations describe your current device, you should think about getting a new dishwasher.

If the dishes feel cool after going through a wash cycle, this is a big sign that the dishwasher is not functioning properly. To ensure that the dishes are clean and sanitized, the water must reach at least 170°F. The temperature of the dishes may indicate a problem with the heating coil. It is sometimes more cost-effective to simply buy a new dishwasher rather than repair the heating mechanism.

Another hint that it is time to say goodbye to your dishwasher is if the water refuses to drain. This can occur because of cracking or crumbling of the drain. The inadequate disposal of water may eventually leak out of the appliance, which can cause permanent damage to your flooring. The pool of standing water may be caused by a clog of food remnants in the drain. However, if the issue persists after the debris is cleared, a new machine is needed.

Having a dishwasher door that latches correctly is imperative to the function of the device. The door must shut in order for a cycle to run. Warping could be the reason that a door will not latch properly, which can lead to unnecessary leaking.
Dishwashers have a ten year life span if they receive regular maintenance and repairs. If your home has a dishwasher older than ten years, it would be a smart investment to purchase a new one. The current market has energy efficient models that can reduce the amount of water needed for each cycle. This water conservation will lower your water bills, thus saving you money.

A new dishwasher is mandatory if there is a crack in the body shell of your current appliance. The machine is designed in a manner to keep water and soap from reaching the mechanical workings. However a crack in the inner body makes the dishwasher susceptible to damage from the leaking water and detergent.

Rust is an absolute warning you need to replace your dishwasher. This occurs when water runs down to the bottom of the device. Eventually with enough water damage, rust will be produced. This is not a problem that you can see right away, so it important to check for corrosion. To do this, you simply need to sweep under the dishwasher, making sure to reach all the way in the back. If you find rust flakes, then you should purchase a new dishwasher.

If your dishwasher is showing signs that it is reaching the end of its life, the professionals at Richardson Plumbing can help. We will inspect your current model to see if a repair or replacement is required. We have decades of experience and are highly skilled experts that can assist in all your home’s plumbing needs. Richardson Plumbing is located in Florence, KY and provides service to Northern KY and Cincinnati.

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Keeping an Eye on Mold Growth in Your Bathroom


No one wants to hear those three dreadful words, “You have mold.” Mold is not a friendly guest. To make sure you never hear that phrase you should always keep an eye on mold growth in your bathroom. Your family will thank you for it. At Richardson Plumbing we specialize in bathroom repair and maintenance. We want to be sure you and your family know what the signs of mold are and what can happen if you do get mold so that you can strive to prevent it. With a wet and hot environment mold can easily grow, but if you keep an eye on it, it doesn’t have to. We are proud to be located in Florence, KY and we are honored to be serving Northern KY and Cincinnati as well.

Hold the Mold Please!

The best way to be mold free in your bathroom is to be knowledgeable about mold and how it works. There can be many signs of mold and the faster you handle them you are less likely to have a continuous problem. When keeping an eye on mold growth in your bathroom you don’t only have to use your eyes, you can and should also use your nose! Mold has a very distinctive smell. Have you ever walked in an older home that has been vacant for a while? It smells “old” but usually the real culprit is mold. Your bathroom can be a potential breeding ground for several reasons. For one, condensation happens all the time when you shower. The condensation can get trapped in the bathroom’s walls since the air can’t hold all of the moisture itself. Be on the lookout for signs of water in your walls.

Another way mold can creep into your bathroom is flooding or leaking. Be sure to keep an eye on any area where your toilet may have leaked. This could mean that you may have a busted pipe around your toilet. Don’t worry, our trained professional plumbers at Richardson Plumbing can fix any leaky pipe in your home!

Unfortunately, we can’t keep mold from growing in your home, but you can. Overflowing toilets, floods in your home, and the water you leave on the floor from getting out of the shower can all contribute to mold growth. Be sure to wipe up any water that might be left on your floor as you see it. Mold has a very distinctive look. Check for small dark spots, as they are likely mold. Just because they are small does not mean they are not dangerous. When keeping an eye on mold, check for any loose tile you may have in your bathroom. Loose tile can be a breeding ground for mold. To avoid that, fix the tile as soon as possible.

Our customers are our top priority. We want you and your family to have a mold free bathroom and to be able to identify the early warning signs of it. Keeping up with your bathroom cleaning and maintenance will help everyone in your household safe!

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How to Sterilize Your Dishwasher


Sterilizing your dishwasher sounds like it would be time consuming take more time out of your day then you would like. However, you do not have to break out a never used toothbrush to scrub it, or lay in an uncomfortable position to get in the corners of your dishwasher. In reality, sterilizing your dishwasher takes the same amount of time that it does to do one load of dishes! Not everyone will know the importance of sterilizing your dishwasher but here at Richardson Plumbing we know and want to let every one of our customers to know as well. Whether it be the actual cleaning of your dishwasher as a whole, the trap itself, or even maintain your dishwasher’s temperature, every aspect of sterilizing your dishwasher is needed to keep your dishwasher running up to par.

Keeping Things Sterile!

Sterilizing your dishwasher can be as easy as using some of your household’s basic cleaning materials. When making a trip to your local grocery store, do not forget to grab a bottle of bleach. Bleach can be a great aid in giving your dishwasher a new life. Bleach is known for killing germs and is one of the most used household cleaning products. So yes, that means bleach will also do a great job in sterilizing your dishwasher.

Whenever you are ready to give your dishwasher a sterile makeover be sure to take out and store all of your previous cleaned dishes. When everything is out, run your dishwasher on a cycle with a cup of bleach. Doing so can clean and make sure you never see any signs of mold infestation inside your dishwasher. Everyone knows that with mold comes health risks for your family. Mold can be a tough situation. That is why our service team at Richardson and Plumbing will makes sure all of our customers know how to keep an appliance that you once never thought of, a top cleaning priority. Besides using bleach, there is also another common household solution that will allow you to have a germ free dishwasher! White vinegar is a great alternative for anyone who wants to sterilize their dishwasher more naturally. Same as the bleach, take everything out of your dishwasher except for one cup of white vinegar. Run the cleaning cycle with hot water to remove any grease and buildup. When you go to open your dishwasher you will be pleased with a clean inside along with a welcoming smell.

Just like your air conditioner or vacuum cleaner, dishwashers have filters too. So it would only make sense for you to clean and sanitize the filter as well. To do this, just remove the filter and soak it in some warm water with some suds. This will remove any dirt your filter has collected.

Sanitizing your dishwasher is a pretty simple job and we know how important it is for you and your family to have a clean environment where you put your eating utensils. Here at Richardson Plumbing we can help you achieve that with a few steps. We are located in Florence, KY and we proudly serve Northern KY and Cincinnati.

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Maintaining Your Bathroom’s Tile


Cleaning and maintaining your home is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. While some people actually love to vacuum, have you ever met someone that loved to clean their bathroom? Probably not, in fact the bathroom is one of the most hated rooms to clean. That is why Richardson Plumbing wants to give you information you need in maintaining your bathroom’s tile so you never have to dread cleaning it. We want you to be able to protect your bathroom’s tile and keep it looking as new as the day you had it installed. So stop by to see what we are about! We are located in Florence, KY and proudly serve Northern, KY and Greater Cincinnati areas.

Don’t Skip a Tile!

Once again, bathrooms are not fun to clean but it is important to clean them before you can even tell they are dirty. Once you actually start to notice that your bathroom is looking grimy, you are likely saddled with quite a chore. With that being said, since you don’t enjoy the cleaning process you might want to get it over with as soon as possible correct? Don’t. When you rush while cleaning, you are bound to miss a few areas unintentionally. Take your time: you will benefit from it in the long run.

No matter the pattern of your tile whether it be boarders key, multiple tiles, or a simple one tile pattern, you can maintain the beauty in them with similar techniques. For one, do not try to clean your tile with your normal body soap. Your shower may smell and appear to be clean immediately after doing so, but when you look at it the next day all you will see is soap residue. Instead save an old spray bottle or purchase an inexpensive one to use for keeping your tile looking great. Fill the bottle halfway with heavy duty cleaning solution and then fill the rest up with warm or hot water. After you shower spray your tile down and wipe clean with a squeegee. The reason you want to wipe your tile down with something soft like a squeegee is simple. You should never use anything with rough bristle or made out of any wire cleaning material. If you were to use this, your bathroom tile can show some wear. Scratches will be more and more abundant with these type of materials, so stick to softer materials and instruments. Also, we must let you know not to use bleach on your tile. Yes, bleach is the ultimate cleaning and disinfecting agent loved by all homeowners but this can damage your tile in the long run by stripping the beautiful finish on them.

At Richardson Plumbing, we care about our customers’ bathrooms, from their shower heads all the way down to their tile, so we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your home’s bathrooms.

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How to Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious


Bathrooms are a relaxing environment and should make everyone that walks in them feel calm and soothed. This can be accomplished by hanging the perfect shower curtain, splurging on those expensive yet soft bathroom towels, and small decorative pieces like a candle or tropical plant. Notice something missing? There was no mention of remodeling, reconstruction, or changing your preexisting fixtures! At Richardson Plumbing, we enjoy remodeling every aspect of your bathroom to include hardware, and are here to help if you think your bathroom needs that extra step in order to make it truly luxurious. We are located in Florence, KY and have the great pleasure of serving Northern KY and Greater Cincinnati. With nearly 20 years of experience, we exceed our customer’s expectations with high quality service and knowledgeable professionals who are here to help you with all of your plumbing needs.

Luxury in Small Spaces

It is not hard to turn a small space into a luxurious space. The thing is, bathrooms are just as important in home design as any other area in your home. Richardson Plumbing will take on any remodel of your bathroom, big or small. Want to knock down that wall to your closet to make it smaller and your bathroom larger? Perfect! Our trained professionals love getting their hands dirty with reconstruction. Let’s update all of your outdated bathroom features. Adding some tile is a simple way to make your bathroom feel truly contemporary. This will also make your bathroom more visually attractive along with giving you easy cleaning options. Those tiles look great on your floor, but can can also make a great accent on the wall of your shower, or as a backsplash over your sink or tub.

To accommodate all of your bathroom remodeling needs, we have the appropriate skilled professionals for the job. The state of your shower can be the determining factor in how luxurious your bathroom appears. That gold trimming on your shower door was okay about 15 or even 20 years ago, but now it’s all about being sleek. Tall glass shower doors will make an amazing focal point when you walk into your new and updated bathroom. So even if you don’t have the biggest bathroom, the clear glass will provide a sense of depth. Since we are on the subject of showers, having a plumbing system that is ready to deliver is a big deal. That is why all of our plumbing and sewer repairs are always up to code.

Having a luxurious bathroom is not only about the design of the toothbrush holder and matching mat, but more about what the bathroom is made of. Let the professionals at Richardson Plumbing make your bathroom the best around!

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How to Keep Your Toilet Looking Like New

How to Keep Your Toilet Looking Like New

The bathroom may not be the most glamourous room in your home but it should be kept clean to look and feel sanitary. One of the main components of a clean restroom is a clean and new looking toilet. You want your guests to feel comfortable when using your restroom. If your toilet looks old, rusted or unhygienic they may become hesitant to use it. It is important for your restroom and toilet to look nice not only for you and your family but also potential house guests. At Richardson Plumbing we are always looking for new ways to bring convenience to our customers which is why we have provided a few tips to help keep your toilet looking like new.

The first thing to remember when making your toilet appear new and fresh is to keep it clean. This means cleaning it often.  Part water and part vinegar mixtures are a great and easy way to leave your toilet with a sparkle. Baking soda also cleans and deodorizes your toilet efficiently. Both of these mixtures work well for the inside and the outside of your toilet. By removing rust stains and rings around the toilet bowl you will make your toilet look new. To remove rust, try scrubbing vigorously to the inside of the toilet bowl with hydrogen peroxide for a couple of minutes. Make sure you are using the correct toilet bowl brush. Purchasing a sturdy and easier to use brush is the way to go.

If you have been scrubbing and cleaning and you find your toilet does not look sparkling it may be time to replace it altogether especially if it also has scratches or cracks. Scratches in the toilet bowl will become harder to maintain as time goes by and they get larger. A toilet with many scratches should be replaced to save you time and money with maintenance in the long run.  If your toilet has cracks it does not only look unattractive and old but it can also result in a huge mess such as leaking. If your toilet is older, it most likely does not have the advancements that a newer model has. Newer style toilets are made differently to ensure complete simplicity and comfort.  If you are wanting your toilet to look new, you may need to replace it.

At Richardson Plumbing we are family owned and operated and proudly service Northern KY and Cincinnati. Our professionals are experienced and friendly. We pride ourselves on our many word of mouth referrals and excellent reviews. Call today to allow our experts to help with all of your plumbing needs and give you the best customer service experience!


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Keep Your Shower Drain Clog-Free with These Easy Tips

Keep Your Shower Drain Clog-Free with These Easy Tips

There are many different plumbing issues that require a professional, such as Richardson Plumbing, however in most cases a shower drain can be unclogged effortlessly. At Richardson Plumbing we provide our customers with stress free plumbing and many services and options to simplify your life.

Prevent clogs in the first place by doing a couple simple tips. Most of the time you will find that the debris clogging your shower’s drain is actually hair. It collects with dirt and other debris to cluster together forming a stubborn blockage. Since a large problem is hair clogs a great way to prevent hair clogs is to purchase a hair catcher. A hair catcher is a device that sits on your drain so hair and other debris fall in it rather than going down the drain. It is convenient and easy to use, simply clean it out by discarding it into the trash every couple days or as needed. Another way to prevent your shower’s drain from clogging is to flush all the drains at once. You may need at least one other person at the house to help you do this. First fill up the bath tubs with warm water, next flush all the toilets and open the bath tub drains at the same time forcing water into the drains. Do this every couple weeks or so to rapidly move debris and hair down the drains quickly to prevent clogs.

Preventing clogs is the way to but what if you already are experiencing a clogged shower drain? If you shower’s drain is clogged there are a few different ways to unblock it. The first thing to try is using a plunger. They are not only for toilets! Remove the drain cover and let water submerge the plunger if possible. Once the plunger is submerged (or water running for showers without a bath tub) its time to start thrusting the plunger up and down to release debris clogging the drain. If using force to plunger your shower drain doesn’t sound appealing there are other options such as a drain cleaner liquid that you can purchase at most stores. Check with your plumber to be sure you are choosing the correct one that is best for your system and if you are unsure Richardson Plumbing can help with all of your plumbing issues. A natural remedy that may do the trick is to pour boiling water down the drain. The boiling water will break apart most debris.

Sometimes the problem is deeper than just a clogged sink. And just like with a clogged toilet, this can lead to bigger and more serious problems. Your best option may be to call plumbing experts such as Richardson Plumbing. Our professionals have the correct tools and expertise to get the job done correctly. For your convenience, we proudly serve Northern KY and Cincinnati. Our professionals are friendly, experienced and happy to help you with all your plumbing needs! Call Richardson Plumbing today and eliminate your plumbing stress and worries!


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What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Washer Hose

What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Washer Hose

You see and use your washing machine on most days, but what about the hoses that are hidden behind it? Though you may not see the hose or know much about it, it is important to keep it properly maintained to prevent water leaks and keep your washing machine working properly. Washer hoses are often neglected because most home owners do not realize the role they play in their laundry routine and the importance of caring for them properly. At Richardson Plumbing, our goal is to offer excellent customer service at a competitive price. Maintaining your washer hoses is a chore not frequently talked about, but by taking the following steps you can simplify your life and ensure that each washer hose is working correctly.

Check your hoses for damage often. The hoses hidden behind your washing machine can lead to huge problems if damage occurs. Don’t let it get that far! By checking the hoses once a month for any damage, you could be preventing large amounts of property damage. When checking your hose, look for any obvious damage first, but also be sure you aren’t missing something small, such as a crack. Potential damage includes bulging, blistering, fading or leaking. If you do notice your hose has some damage, it is time to replace. Replacing sooner rather than later will save you money and time in the long run. However, even if you don’t notice any damage, there could be internal damage. It’s best to replace your washer hoses every 5 years, even if no damage is detected. Take the time to check your hoses and save yourself the stress and misery that can result if yours becomes damage. Do not let a problem go unnoticed!

Make sure your washing machine is in the correct position and location. The placement of your washing machine can make all the difference in the safety and function of the washer hoses. Your washing machine should be at least four inches off the wall to prevent the hoses from kinking, which can cause breaks and leaks. Placing your washing machine on a flat surface and making sure it is level is also important to keeping the hoses damage-free. If the machine is unbalanced it can cause destruction to the hoses during spin cycles when the machine moves rapidly back and forth. Even if your washing machine is just slightly off or unbalanced, it could cause a gentle vibration that could cause damage to your washing machine hose.

The washing machine hoses are a very important part of your washing machine, and at Richardson Plumbing we want to do our part to make your plumbing issues stress-free. Our expert staff is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with your service and overall experience. Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly, and with nearly two decades of experience, you can be sure that our staff will provide you with the care you deserve. Whether you have a specific plumbing problem or you are considering some of our other services, choose Richardson plumbing. We are family-owned and operated, and we pride ourselves on excellent word-of-mouth referrals and outstanding recommendations. At Richardson Plumbing, we are family-friendly and always treat our customers with respect and honesty. We are conveniently located in Florence, KY, and we proudly service the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area.

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How to Know You Need a Professional Plumber

How to Know You Need a Professional Plumber

There are times when it may be very obvious that you need to call a plumber, such as a pipe bust with water flowing through your house. But sometimes, plumbing problems are not so recognizable! Calling a professional is in most cases the most efficient and quick way to get problems resolved. This is very true with plumbing, as it can be messy and challenging to fix plumbing issues even for the most knowledgeable home owner. At Richardson Plumbing we are here to help which is why we have provided a few different circumstances to help you know when it is time to call our professionals!

Water leaks can be obvious but they also can be issues that creep up on you. For example, many people notice their water bill increasing and do not connect this issue to a plumbing problem. It is imperative to check your water usage and monthly bill to stay ahead of these types of problems. Each month your bill should remain fairly close to the month prior. If you are noticing a significant increase in your bill it may be due to a water leak. Detecting water leaks can be as simple as turning off your water and watching your meter for movement.
A clogged toilet may seem like no big deal but it can lead to serious plumbing complications. If your toilet requires plunging more than one time per week it may be time to replace it. You should not be hassling with the aggravation of a clogged toilet on a daily or even weekly basis. Plunging and consistently fussing over your toilet can become a nuisance and should be resolved sooner rather than later. At Richardson Pluming our staff is experienced and happy to help with all your plumbing needs.

Pipe damage is a common problem is colder climates however freezing damage can be prevented very easily with a couple simple steps. The first step is to leave your faucets running slowly; moving water through the pipes will usually prevent them from freezing. Keep your home warm and do not allow it to go below 32 degrees in the spaces where pipes are located. By allowing warm air to enter into areas such as the garage or storage room you can protect your pipes from the harsh cold weather. Believe it or not tree roots are another cause for pipe damage. Trees looking for moisture, can actually puncture through your pipes with their hair-like roots and can cause clogs and breakage. If you have noticed a pipe break, do not stress! Richardson Plumbing is here to take away the headache of a pipe break.

If you think you may have a plumbing problem it is essential to call Richardson Plumbing right away, the problem will most likely only worsen. The plumbing issue will not go away on its own, it is best to get ahead of the issue. At Richardson Plumbing our professionals are knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. We are family owned and operated and we always guarantee our customers quick service at a fair and honest price. At Richardson Plumbing we provide full service plumbing to the Northern KY and Cincinnati areas. Call us today for assistance!

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