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Keeping an Eye on Mold Growth in Your Bathroom


No one wants to hear those three dreadful words, “You have mold.” Mold is not a friendly guest. To make sure you never hear that phrase you should always keep an eye on mold growth in your bathroom. Your family will thank you for it. At Richardson Plumbing we specialize in bathroom repair and maintenance. We want to be sure you and your family know what the signs of mold are and what can happen if you do get mold so that you can strive to prevent it. With a wet and hot environment mold can easily grow, but if you keep an eye on it, it doesn’t have to. We are proud to be located in Florence, KY and we are honored to be serving Northern KY and Cincinnati as well.

Hold the Mold Please!

The best way to be mold free in your bathroom is to be knowledgeable about mold and how it works. There can be many signs of mold and the faster you handle them you are less likely to have a continuous problem. When keeping an eye on mold growth in your bathroom you don’t only have to use your eyes, you can and should also use your nose! Mold has a very distinctive smell. Have you ever walked in an older home that has been vacant for a while? It smells “old” but usually the real culprit is mold. Your bathroom can be a potential breeding ground for several reasons. For one, condensation happens all the time when you shower. The condensation can get trapped in the bathroom’s walls since the air can’t hold all of the moisture itself. Be on the lookout for signs of water in your walls.

Another way mold can creep into your bathroom is flooding or leaking. Be sure to keep an eye on any area where your toilet may have leaked. This could mean that you may have a busted pipe around your toilet. Don’t worry, our trained professional plumbers at Richardson Plumbing can fix any leaky pipe in your home!

Unfortunately, we can’t keep mold from growing in your home, but you can. Overflowing toilets, floods in your home, and the water you leave on the floor from getting out of the shower can all contribute to mold growth. Be sure to wipe up any water that might be left on your floor as you see it. Mold has a very distinctive look. Check for small dark spots, as they are likely mold. Just because they are small does not mean they are not dangerous. When keeping an eye on mold, check for any loose tile you may have in your bathroom. Loose tile can be a breeding ground for mold. To avoid that, fix the tile as soon as possible.

Our customers are our top priority. We want you and your family to have a mold free bathroom and to be able to identify the early warning signs of it. Keeping up with your bathroom cleaning and maintenance will help everyone in your household safe!

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Maintaining Your Bathroom’s Tile


Cleaning and maintaining your home is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. While some people actually love to vacuum, have you ever met someone that loved to clean their bathroom? Probably not, in fact the bathroom is one of the most hated rooms to clean. That is why Richardson Plumbing wants to give you information you need in maintaining your bathroom’s tile so you never have to dread cleaning it. We want you to be able to protect your bathroom’s tile and keep it looking as new as the day you had it installed. So stop by to see what we are about! We are located in Florence, KY and proudly serve Northern, KY and Greater Cincinnati areas.

Don’t Skip a Tile!

Once again, bathrooms are not fun to clean but it is important to clean them before you can even tell they are dirty. Once you actually start to notice that your bathroom is looking grimy, you are likely saddled with quite a chore. With that being said, since you don’t enjoy the cleaning process you might want to get it over with as soon as possible correct? Don’t. When you rush while cleaning, you are bound to miss a few areas unintentionally. Take your time: you will benefit from it in the long run.

No matter the pattern of your tile whether it be boarders key, multiple tiles, or a simple one tile pattern, you can maintain the beauty in them with similar techniques. For one, do not try to clean your tile with your normal body soap. Your shower may smell and appear to be clean immediately after doing so, but when you look at it the next day all you will see is soap residue. Instead save an old spray bottle or purchase an inexpensive one to use for keeping your tile looking great. Fill the bottle halfway with heavy duty cleaning solution and then fill the rest up with warm or hot water. After you shower spray your tile down and wipe clean with a squeegee. The reason you want to wipe your tile down with something soft like a squeegee is simple. You should never use anything with rough bristle or made out of any wire cleaning material. If you were to use this, your bathroom tile can show some wear. Scratches will be more and more abundant with these type of materials, so stick to softer materials and instruments. Also, we must let you know not to use bleach on your tile. Yes, bleach is the ultimate cleaning and disinfecting agent loved by all homeowners but this can damage your tile in the long run by stripping the beautiful finish on them.

At Richardson Plumbing, we care about our customers’ bathrooms, from their shower heads all the way down to their tile, so we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your home’s bathrooms.

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Does Your Kitchen Need Two Sinks?

two sinks

Remodeling your kitchen can be a huge undertaking but in the end, can turn cooking for your family and entertaining your friends into a joy! New countertops and appliances transform the space while a new layout in counters and cabinets improve the cooking flow. One thing that many homeowners don’t think about is adding a second kitchen sink.

Cooking vs Cleaning

You may think at first that it would be extravagant to have a second sink in the kitchen, however that second sink can give you more functionality in the space. Using one sink for cooking and the other for cleaning frees the cooking sink up for the chef. Being able to use the cooking sink for food preparation while using the other sink for the cleanup lets you leave the cleaning until after dinner is in the oven. You no longer have to wash the dishes in the same space that you are cleaning your fruits and veggies.

A second sink allows you to plan the kitchen workflow around the sinks – your prep sink could be in the island so you can have room to work and the dish sink could be near the tableware cabinets to help with putting them away.
If you have two cooks working simultaneously in the space, adding the second sink helps with making sure everyone has enough work space and can eliminate tripping over each other in the process.


Style and Placement

Both sinks do not need to be exactly the same. It may actually make more sense for them to be different. You may want a larger deeper sink for clean-up especially if you have a lot of large pots and pans. It would also make sense to have a deeper, wider bowl for filling large pots with water.

The prep sink can be smaller as to allow for you to leave more counter space. This sink would most likely also need a garbage disposal for all of the pieces from slicing and dicing.

When looking at placement for the sink in the kitchen it is probably best to consult an interior designer. You will want to think about the areas that you use often and what features you use the most when designing your kitchen.

For instance, if you have a kitchen that has a beautiful view then you will most likely want to position a sink under the window that allows you to look at the scenery while you are cooking or cleaning. If you like to have a beverage while cooking then you may want to create a wet bar with a sink for washing your glasses. If baking is your thing you may want to create a little baking corner for rolling out dough and filling baking sheets with a sink close by.
Your kitchen is often the heart of your home, where you spend much of your time making memories and preparing food for your family. Let the professionals at Richardson Plumbing help you create the perfect kitchen space.

Our professionals at Richardson Plumbing in Florence, KY servicing Northern KY and Cincinnati can help you with designing your kitchen with two sinks and all of your other kitchen plumbing needs.

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Solar Powered Water Heaters: A Quick Guide


Contrary to what most believe, there is much more to solar powered water heaters than what meets the eye. There are various brands, types, and benefits associated with solar powered water heaters, making it a vast topic to explore. If you are interested in purchasing a solar powered water heater or are just simply curious about this innovative piece of technology, keep on reading for a quick guide on all that you need to know.

Solar powered water heaters operate, obviously, on solar panels, which absorb heat directly from the sun and transform this retained heat into heat. In terms of solar heat collectors, there are two rules that govern the entire system. The first is that hot objects lose their heat and it returns back into the environment. The second principle is that this heat loss between two objects is much quicker if the temporal difference is large. Although it may seem as simple as placing a tub of water out into the sun, there are many factors that contribute to not only obtaining the heat but maintaining it as well.

The entire process of a solar water heating system begins with the preferred collector acquiring heat from the sun and sending it to a fluid. The fluid then takes the heat from either storage or use. There are heat exchangers that will take the heat from the fluid and direct it to your home’s main water source. All of this may sound intriguing, but why should you even consider using solar power for your home? Solar water heating is actually incredibly beneficial for both your wallet and the environment. You will become much less dependent on utilities because of your conserved energy and the reduced amount of burning fossil fuels. There are even financial benefits because, although there is an initial payment to install your solar water heating system, you will pay less on your utility bills in the long run. Through integrating this technology, you will save money because of your intake of free energy and will emit less harmful toxins into the environment.

There are many forms of solar powered water heating, all of which are easily maintained after the initial installment. The three most popular forms include domestic hot water, space, and pool heating. Although solar powered water heaters may seem like a no brainer, the investment and installation is not the best fit for every home. The location of the home, including climate and terrain, are the deciding factors of whether or not a home should utilize this technology. Most homes in North America would benefit from this technology by saving up to 80% of your heating budget. Sun exposure is obviously the most important requirement for solar heating, but depending on the type of system that you want to use, you will also need certain roofs, basements, etc. Similarly, this technology is constantly updating so you will to be comfortable with improvements and installations when necessary.

The best way to determine whether or not solar powered water heating is a smart decision and investment for you and your home is to talk to a plumber early on in the investigating process. Here at Richardson Plumbing, we can sit down with you and weigh the pros and cons to see if this technology is the right fit for you. We are located in Florence, Kentucky and serve the greater areas of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

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Plumbing Questions to Ask Before Buying a New House

new house

After a long and exhausting search, you’ve finally found the perfect home. After you have made your offer and the offer has been accepted, a homebuyer’s inspection is performed before the deal is finalized. During this inspection process many homeowners do not prioritize a plumbing inspection, thinking these issues will not affect whether the offer should be adjusted. Unfortunately, many plumbing systems can have issues that will pass standard inspection, but that will later come to be a nuisance in your life. If you are buying a new home, the experts at Richardson Plumbing of Florence, Kentucky, want you to know a few questions you need to ask about plumbing before buying a new home.

1. How’s the water heater?

The lifespan of an average water heater is about 10 years, but if the water heater is more than 7 years old you need to plan for a new one in your home offer. How the heater is used, what the regular maintenance entails, and if the heater was properly installed will all factor into the longevity of your heater. If you are purchasing a new home it is essential to have the water heater inspected because if you do not you run the risk of buying a home with a faulty heater that may need to be replaced. Another good reason to have the water heater inspected by a plumber is to ensure that it has the correct placement. Many homes have water heaters that are not in the appropriate locations, which can lead to damages and costly repairs.

2. Have the water lines and sewer lines been replaced?

This is an especially important question to know the answer to before finalizing your deal on your new home. If the pipes have not been inspected or replaced anytime recently, you must get a camera inspection to assure that there are no potential clogs or leaks that could lead to huge costs in the future. In addition to having the pipes inspected, ask the realtor or seller what the pipes are like in the winter. Do they freeze? Are there issues? These questions will help you prepare yourself for what is to come.

3. Have the toilets shown signs of leaking?

Many homeowners often ignore leaky toilets. Most toilets begin to leak at the base of the toilet and with very small amounts of water. While this problem may seem insignificant to a homebuyer, toilets that have been leaking for any decent amount of time will begin to rot the floor and subfloor. In worst case scenarios, this rot could lead to your bathroom floor collapsing at some point in the future. To erase this possibility, have your plumbing inspector thoroughly check the toilets in your potential new home for leaks.

To eliminate some of the worry about buying a new home, make sure you insist on both a homeowner’s inspection and a plumbing inspection so you know the risks. At Richardson Plumbing, serving all Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, we want to help make this process more relaxed for any new home buyers. Serving Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati for over 15 years, Richardson plumbing offer a wide range of services that will cover all your plumbing needs. From leak detection to toilet repair and replacement, our team of experts can help you ensure that the plumbing in the new home you are buying is up to standard. Contact Richardson Plumbing today with any questions or to set up an appointment.

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Questions To Ask Before Your Bathroom Addition

bathroom additionThere are questions you should ask before your bathroom addition blossoms into a full-blown project. You have spent hours admiring other’s bathrooms. You’ve looked at all the pictures in magazines and dreamed about what this bathroom will look like. Now you’re ready to hire a contractor for your bathroom addition. Here are a few good questions to consider.

Who To Call First?

When you begin your bathroom addition, an article in US News suggests you first talk to an architect. Can you reasonably add a room on to your house or adjust rooms you have to remodel enough to include an extra bathroom? You don’t want to add on to your house only to discover it lowers the price of your home because it doesn’t look like it fits with the rest of the house.

How Will You Finance The Bathroom Addition?

The next thing to consider is how much you estimate this bathroom addition to cost and how will you pay for it. Many people take out a second mortgage or line of credit on their home to do additions. Getting a good estimate from a plumber who has experience with bathroom additions, makes sense. Plumbers will know where the water line is and how to connect to it and the sewer system or septic. Richardson Plumbing serving Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati can provide you with an estimate on a bathroom addition.

Why Are Your Adding A Bathroom?

If you are hoping to add value to your home with the addition of a bathroom, think about the plumbing fixtures and add the most sought after upgrades that you can. This will not only help you enjoy the area, but it will add more value to your home. It is estimated that a bathroom addition will return around 50% of your investment when you sell your home.

If you desperately need another bathroom for your family, then you can either go for luxury, and add the latest accessories, or go for functional and thrifty.   Your plumbing contractor can help you cut costs while still ensuring the addition is done with quality materials and expertise.

What Should You Expect During The Project?

Depending on where you are adding the bathroom, you could expect dust and some disruption to your home. Unless it directly affects the kitchen or your bedroom, you probably can carry on your normal activities. Expect workers to be present. Your plumbing contractor has experience working with trustworthy contractors and employees so you can rest assured the people in your home are trustworthy and covered. If you have more questions about your bathroom addition, call Richardson Plumbing today.  We will be happy to answer questions and discuss your plans for a new bathroom addition.

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Kitchen Remodeling: Must Have Features

kitchen remodeling

The kitchen might be the most important room in your entire house which makes kitchen remodeling stressful. A Kitchen is not only where your food is stored, prepared, and often eaten, it is also the area where guests like to congregate. A room this important deserves some extra attention when remodeling. Here are some fantastic kitchen features that would look great in just about any kitchen; maybe even yours.

Double Ovens and Convenient Cook Tops

One exciting possible kitchen feature is installing double ovens. Not only do these ovens, one installed on top of the other, look cool, but they also give you one oven that you do not have to bend down to use and another one to keep things warm or for additional baking. And if you have your ovens installed in the walls, you will probably want to install a separate cook top. Putting it on an island in the middle of the room gives you lots of space to prepare and cook food, as well as plenty of space underneath to hold all your various cooking utensils.

Extra Storage and Smart Drawers

A problem that people often run into in their kitchen is never having enough space for all of their kitchen gadgets, food and utensils. Consider installing corner storage units or appliance garages. Corner storage cabinets add extra storage to a part of the room that previously went to waste, and appliance garages give you quick, easy to access places to store appliances that you use all the time but do not necessarily want sitting out on your counters. Also, deep and full extension drawers are other great methods to hold as much as possible. Deep drawers are great to have right by your stove so you can get large pots out easily, and full extension drawers can hold lots of plates, cups, or whatever you want to conveniently grab. Consider specialty cupboards and drawers too, like a narrow cupboard for cookie sheets and baking pans.  The last thing you want in your kitchen is clutter and these are great ways to cut down on that while making the best use of the space you have.

Exciting Plumbing Fixtures For A Great Kitchen

When it comes to adding plumbing fixtures and appliances, you have many more options today than ever before. Beautiful refrigerators can be designed covered in your cabinetry for example. You can also install touch less faucets. Having hands free faucets will keep your kitchen cleaner and save you time when you’re cooking. Richardson Plumbing has lots of experiencing installing state of the art fixtures and appliances so you can rest easy knowing your kitchen will turn out just the way you want it to.

Kitchen Remodeling in Northern Kentucky

Now you know a few of the exciting options available for when you remodel your kitchen. And when you are ready for your kitchen makeover, or are just in need of a plumber, call Richardson Plumbing, the best place for plumbers and kitchen remodeling in Northern Kentucky.

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How To Caulk Your Bathtub Or Shower

how to caulk your bathtub or showerLearning how to caulk your bathtub or shower will help you avoid costly repairs from water damage. Your bathroom walls and tile joints are susceptible to expansion, contraction, eroding, mildew and cracked caulking. That is why it is extremely important to replace your bathtub and shower caulking regularly.

Why Do You Need Caulking?

Caulk is used to keep water from entering the wall around the tiles at joints and around the tub or shower walls. Caulk is a flexible sealant that is strong and durable. Over time caulk can crack, discolor and begin to leak. When this happens water damage and mildew are inevitable.

How To Caulk Your Bathtub Or Shower

  • Make sure the tub or shower area is completely dry
  • Using a razor or putty knife, remove old caulk. You can buy a caulk softener or removal agent if needed. Directions are on the package. Make sure you completely remove all old caulk.
  • Clean the area to get rid of any soap scum, mildew or buildup
  • Dry the area – a hair dryer works well
  • Make sure the caulk you use is made for tile tubs and showers
  • Apply the caulk using either a tube of caulk or a caulking gun
  • Smooth the caulk line immediately using a straw or your fingertip. You can also purchase a tool for smoothing the caulk.  This is often the hardest part of how to caulk your bathtub or shower
  • Allow the caulk to dry. Using a utility knife and or soft cloth, remove any excess caulk
  • Wait until the prescribed time (10-12 hours) before using the bathtub or shower

Avoiding the Caulk Issue

The next time you remodel your bathroom, consider installing a pre-formed marble cast stone bathtub or shower. They look amazing and require way less maintenance than a tile shower. Best of all, Richardson Plumbing specializes in cast stone shower stalls and bathtubs. For all your bathroom remodeling in Northern Kentucky, call Richardson Plumbing.

Home Maintenance

When maintaining your home look no further than your trusted plumber, Richardson Plumbing. Richardson Plumbing serves the entire Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area. When you need a plumber you can depend on call Richardson Plumbing!

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Resolve To Save Energy In 2016

resolve to save energy in 2016It’s time to ring in a new year and make those New Year’s resolutions.  Before you think about dieting and losing weight or stopping a bad habit, consider the resolve to save energy in 2016 as the best New Year’s resolution you can make.  If everyone would do a little to save energy, we would all benefit.  Here are a few tips for saving energy:

Tips To Save Energy

  1.  Install a programmable thermostat – a programmable thermostat allows you to regulate the temperature of your home.  Keep it cooler at night and when your away during the winter and warmer during the summer.
  2. use energy saving bulbs- replacing just a few bulbs with more energy efficient varieties can save you on your electric bill.
  3. use a power strip to plug things in and turn it off when not in use.  Appliances that are left plugged in can draw current even when the appliance itself is off.  You can stop this waste by using a power strip and turning it off when you’re done using the appliances or electrical equipment.
  4. lower your water heater thermostat- keeping your hot water at a lower temperature can save money over time.  Your local plumber can help with water heater repair and maintenance.
  5. install low-flow shower heads- using less water is important as we conserve not only electricity but water.  It also reduces the amount of hot water you use and that saves on your electric.
  6. hire an HVAC technician for bi-annual maintenance- having your heating and cooling system working properly is the best way to save energy on your monthly heating and cooling bill.  It also keeps repairs to your HVAC system down to a minimum.

Resolve To Save Energy in 2016

If you will make the resolution to save energy, you will find you save on your water bill, electric and heating and cooling bill.  This savings can add up over the course of a year.  The neat thing about saving on your utilities is that you’re also saving on resources that are important to everyone.  Make this the year to resolve to save energy in 2016.  You’ll be glad you did!

From all of us at Richardson Plumbing, we wish you a happy New Year and all the blessings to follow!

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Affordable Plumbers in Greater Cincinnati

affordable plumber in Greater CincinnatiIf you are looking for affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati, Richardson’s Plumbing is the team to call. You won’t find a more reliable plumbing repair company in the area. If you have plumbing repairs or upgrades you need done, you can depend on Richardson’s Plumbing to provide you with excellent customer service and a good job.

Plumbing for New Construction

If you need new plumbing service or are looking for a Northern Kentucky plumbing contractor, we can help. We have experience doing plumbing for new construction and for remodeling of both residential and commercial buildings.   We have a crew of highly skilled plumbers who can ensure your job is done on time and on budget.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs are something that should never be put off for too long. A small leak can turn into a flooded room and even a tiny drip at the faucet can waste a large amount of water. If you need plumbing repairs, affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati can fix your plumbing. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency plumbing repairs too. If you notice a burst pipe or other emergency, turn the main water to the house off at the shut off valve and call your local plumber at Richardson Plumbing.

Plumbing Upgrades

If you are interested in upgrading your plumbing or plumbing fixtures, we can help. We will install plumbing fixtures, water heaters, sinks and other plumbing upgrades. We are also available to help you install appliances. If you are in need of a plumbing upgrade, you can depend on the fast, efficient service we provide.

Hiring Affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati

Hiring affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati ensures that whatever the plumbing project is, it will be done correctly and safely. When it comes time to have the house inspected, you won’t have to worry that the plumbing won’t pass the inspection because everything will be done right and up to code.  For all your plumbing needs, call Richardson Plumbing today.

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