Professional Plumbing & Remodeling in Glencoe, KY

Nestled into the northern tip of Kentucky is a city with Southern style known as Glencoe. Glencoe, Kentucky, although considered a small town, is rich in history and unique attractions. Given its label as a smaller city, with a continually rising population of around four hundred, Glencoe places a large emphasis on community and their historic stories and places.

The city is located in the southeastern area of Gallatin County, which touches the valley of Eagle Creek. Eagle Creek creates the southern edge of the county, creating the same border for the neighboring Owen County. This creek flows west towards the Kentucky River and eventually developing into the watershed of the Ohio River. One of the geographic advantages of Glencoe is that the roadways which dissect the city are all routes to larger Kentucky cities, making it easy to have a weekend getaway. These roads include US Route 127, Kentucky Route 467, and Interstate 71. Through these outlets, you are less than one hundred miles to the state’s capital of Frankfort, as well as the cities of Covington and Louisville.

The median income of Glencoe is considerably higher than the estimated household median income of the state of Kentucky. Similarly, the cost of living in this city is quite low compared to other Kentucky cities of similar size, meaning that living in this unique town would be a beneficial economic decision. With a low unemployment rate and a practically non-existent crime record, Glencoe is known for its safety and economical welfare. The most common jobs are in manufacturing, along with others in the industries of construction and education.

In 1848, a post office was established by the original settlers of Glencoe. The post office was named Glen Coe, two separate words, after an area of the Scottish highlands. After the town expanded and a larger population developed, Glencoe, Kentucky was added into the state assembly in 1960. Despite it being a newer town, there are many historic street scenes that add both antiquity and a coziness to the town’s thoroughfares. Many of the buildings are from the 1940s, such as lumberyards and tobacco warehouses that many of the current residents can date back to their grandparents. The school has adapted, especially after it burned in 1955, to the current school being rebuilt in 1957. Even President Ulysses S. Grant visited the town during one of his campaigns in the 1870s.

A majority of the town’s historic old houses still remain in Glencoe, although many have been remodeled. I’m sure some modern necessities such as plumbing may be a concern in older houses, but lucky for you we at Richardson Plumbing serve the areas of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. Although we are located in Florence, KY, we are eager to work on any plumbing or remodeling in Glencoe, KY and will do so both efficiently and at an economic price.