Handy Tricks for Detecting Water Leaks

Handy Tricks for Detecting Water Leaks

A water leak can become very costly very quickly. Just a small water leak is capable of wasting 6000 gallons of water. At Richardson Plumbing we give our customers excellent customer service and support which is why we will provide you with handy tricks for detecting water leaks.

The first and most simple way to check for water leaks is by checking your water meter. The first step is to turn off all of the water in your home. Make sure your washing machine and dish washer are not running. Once the water in your home is off you should no longer see a change in the meter. If you are watching the meter and it begins to change while your water is off you most likely have a big leak moving fast. If the water has not changed immediately there could still be a slower leak. Wait two hours and see if you notice a change, if there is a change it is typically due to a slower water leak. Both fast and slow water leaks should be repaired by a professional such as those at Richardson Plumbing, and preferably as soon as possible, because this could result in a large cost on your part.

It is important to check your water usage and monthly bill. Each month your bill should remain fairly close to the month before. If you are noticing a significant increase in your bill it may be due to a water leak. A large family may use more water than a smaller one, but every family should make sure their usage is within the normal limits. Checking your monthly water bill is a great and handy trick to monitor water use and detect water leaks.

Toilets generally account for up to 30 percent of your water usage. To check that your toilet is working properly you can use the food coloring trick. Add a few drops of food coloring into the toilet tank and wait ten minutes. After the ten minutes check to see if the color is still seen in the water of the toilet bowl. If you notice the food coloring has reached the toilet bowl without the toilet being flushed, you may have a problem. A leak can cause the colored water to flow from the tank to the bowl. Many times the best option is to have a professional assist you with these types of water leaks.

At Richardson Plumbing we want to make your life as stress free as possible by helping you detect leaks sooner rather than later. If you have already found a leak it is crucial to your home’s foundation that you get the problem fixed fast. At Richardson Plumbing we promise to give you quick and excellent service at a fair and honest price. We are family owned and family friendly and proudly service Northern KY and Cincinnati. If you find a water leak call our reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy professionals at Richardson Plumbing as soon as possible. We are experienced and happy to help with all your plumbing needs.

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