How to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Beautiful


Unpleasant aromas permeating from the bathroom can cause you to feel sour. However, the bathroom doesn’t have to smell badly, and it can actually have a fabulous scent. If you are worried that your bathroom is harboring a foul odor, you do not have to live with it. Richardson plumbing can help you get your bathroom back to smelling like new.

There are several techniques that can help rid your bathroom of terrible smells. Make sure to utilize the ventilation fan. The exhaust system can not only eliminate odors, but moisture as well. Excess moisture can accumulate from hot showers and can lead to the growth of stinky mildew and mold. Desiccants are also capable of absorbing moisture. If you are interested in this option, you just need to place a bowl full of silica gel in your bathroom. If you would prefer natural desiccants instead, you can use plants to purify the air. Plants can be a useful addition as well as a stylish element for your bathroom. Eucalyptus, orchids, palm tree plants, and lilies are some of the finest choices. Masking the smell with air fresheners is another solution. While this will not remove odor, it will do a good job of covering it up. You can buy some from the store, or create a unique concoction catered to what scents you like best. Essential oils are available in a variety of fragrances and can be used to make your own air fresheners.

Cleanliness is the best way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. Routinely cleaning the toilet tank can prevent a stench similar to urine. To clean, you simply need to add white vinegar to the tank and scrub. When you are finished make sure to flush, and, for good measure, repeat the process once or twice. A blend of vinegar and baking soda is a great deodorizer and cleanser for the toilet bowl. An alternative is to create a paste composed of baking soda and lemon juice; this can be applied to any area you wish to clean. Once the paste has been sitting for ten minutes, spray the surface with white vinegar. The paste will bubble and then you can wipe it away.

There are other ways to minimize odor in your bathroom. Towels, bath mats and other absorbent material should be kept dry and cleaned often. The fabric can hold odors, so regular washing is recommended. Another tip is to keep the toilet lid closed. This will trap any odors within the toilet. The caulk in your bathroom may be the cause of an odor, so it can be a good idea to re-caulk your tiles, bathtub, and shower. You should also regularly take out the trash in your bathroom. Keep an eye out for mold around pipes and fixtures, as moisture may cause mold growth.

If a horrible odor remains after trying various methods, it may be time to rely on professionals for help. At Richardson Plumbing, we are experts in correcting any plumbing issues that may arise. We can assist in making sure your bathroom has a pleasant aroma. Richardson Plumbing is located in Florence, KY and provides service to Northern KY and Cincinnati.


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