How to Make Your Bathroom Safer for Children and the Elderly


When thinking about the way your bathroom is set up, one of the most important characteristics to consider is bathroom safety. Every family member and every potential guest should be accounted for. Children can easily open cabinets and get into hazardous chemicals. The elderly are likely to fall getting into a bath tub or slip in a shower. Making your bathroom safe is an easy task with these simple installations.

For children the main aspect of safety is control and keeping potentially dangerous items out of reach. Children are curious, and whether you have your own kids or you have house guests with kids, it is important to keep hazardous materials out of their grasp. For example if you are storing toxic cleaning supplies it is essential to keep a child proof lock of the cabinet door. Another way to safely control your bathroom is by installing a separate lock on the outside of the bathroom above a child’s reach. This will prevent young children from going into the bathroom alone. While bathing your child it is crucial to take the proper safety measures inside the bath tub. A great way to prevent scalding is to set your water heater no higher than 120 degrees. Children can sometimes get rowdy while splashing in their bubble bath. Installing the proper gear such as faucet cover will protect your child from bumping their head or busting their chin on the faucet. Children can sometimes be clumsy which is why rubber bath mats or bath tub decals are an excellent way to prevent falls. Bath mats keep all members of your family safe.

When an elderly person falls and slips it can be life threatening. For fragile bones a small fall can be a huge deal. It is important to keep the elderly safe in the shower or tub by placing bath mats or tub decals. A small addition such as a bath mat could possibly save a life. Many elderly people do not like to ask for help, and like to have their freedom and be able to do things on their own. Another great way to add safety to your shower or bath tub is to install grab bars. They make your bath tub or shower accessible and easy to use. Taking a bath will not be a dangerous or difficult task. A grab bar is also helpful near the toilet for individuals that may have difficulty standing or sitting. Grab bars do not look institutional nowadays. They are made to accommodate your needs and also look fashionable.

At Richardson Plumbing we want to look out for the safety of each individual in your home. It is our priority to add comfort, safety and sophistication to your home. We will make sure you are completely satisfied in your home installations. We proudly service Northern KY and Cincinnati. Please call today for a free in home consultation and make sure your bathroom is safe and accessible for everyone.

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