How to Sterilize Your Dishwasher


Sterilizing your dishwasher sounds like it would be time consuming take more time out of your day then you would like. However, you do not have to break out a never used toothbrush to scrub it, or lay in an uncomfortable position to get in the corners of your dishwasher. In reality, sterilizing your dishwasher takes the same amount of time that it does to do one load of dishes! Not everyone will know the importance of sterilizing your dishwasher but here at Richardson Plumbing we know and want to let every one of our customers to know as well. Whether it be the actual cleaning of your dishwasher as a whole, the trap itself, or even maintain your dishwasher’s temperature, every aspect of sterilizing your dishwasher is needed to keep your dishwasher running up to par.

Keeping Things Sterile!

Sterilizing your dishwasher can be as easy as using some of your household’s basic cleaning materials. When making a trip to your local grocery store, do not forget to grab a bottle of bleach. Bleach can be a great aid in giving your dishwasher a new life. Bleach is known for killing germs and is one of the most used household cleaning products. So yes, that means bleach will also do a great job in sterilizing your dishwasher.

Whenever you are ready to give your dishwasher a sterile makeover be sure to take out and store all of your previous cleaned dishes. When everything is out, run your dishwasher on a cycle with a cup of bleach. Doing so can clean and make sure you never see any signs of mold infestation inside your dishwasher. Everyone knows that with mold comes health risks for your family. Mold can be a tough situation. That is why our service team at Richardson and Plumbing will makes sure all of our customers know how to keep an appliance that you once never thought of, a top cleaning priority. Besides using bleach, there is also another common household solution that will allow you to have a germ free dishwasher! White vinegar is a great alternative for anyone who wants to sterilize their dishwasher more naturally. Same as the bleach, take everything out of your dishwasher except for one cup of white vinegar. Run the cleaning cycle with hot water to remove any grease and buildup. When you go to open your dishwasher you will be pleased with a clean inside along with a welcoming smell.

Just like your air conditioner or vacuum cleaner, dishwashers have filters too. So it would only make sense for you to clean and sanitize the filter as well. To do this, just remove the filter and soak it in some warm water with some suds. This will remove any dirt your filter has collected.

Sanitizing your dishwasher is a pretty simple job and we know how important it is for you and your family to have a clean environment where you put your eating utensils. Here at Richardson Plumbing we can help you achieve that with a few steps. We are located in Florence, KY and we proudly serve Northern KY and Cincinnati.

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