Leak Detection

If you are a home owner who has recently noticed a high water bill, you may want to check your home out.  You home in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area could have a wet spot on its wall, damp areas on the floor, clogged toilets and even natural gas smells.  These could all be signs of a plumbing or gas leak within your home. Here are some leak detection tips:

Bursting Pipe Water LeakWater Leaking

One of the best ways to discover a water leak is just by checking for high utility bills.  It could be a simply fix like a running toilet, or more complex leaks under the foundation.  Make sure to call a plumber in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area to take a look at these issues within your home.  Our plumbing team can actually use pinpoint technology to locate the source of this leak and prevent it from spreading within your home.  It is possible to detect these leaks and then expose the malfunctioning pipe that is under the surface of your home.  No matter what the issue may be, the plumbing technician can discuss the best options with you.

Remember that the best way to deal with these issues is to repair leaks as soon as possible.  These problems can put undue stress on the foundation of your home.  This can in turn cause costly repairs down the line.

Sewer Leakage

You may first notice one of these sewer leak problems when the water drains slowly down your tubing and produces a bad smell.  Our plumbing team can actually use video hardware to detect the source of this sewer issue.  No matter what the issue is, the technician can provide you with a solution.  It is possible that roots can penetrate your sewer lines and cause them to separate.  These leaks can be found anywhere, but our technicians can help you.

Gas Leaks

These kinds of leaks are probably the most dangerous that a home owner may encounter.  You may be aware that they can cause fires, but these leaks can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning.  Our technicians can quickly and safely locate these leaks within your home.  The repair process can be finished soon thereafter, which can be followed up by a pressure test to make sure the job is complete.

Plumbing Foundation Leaks

Have you noticed recent movement under your home?  It is possible that a plumbing issue could be the cause.  Our team in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area can help make sure that these leaks don’t erode the ground underneath your home.  Contact us as soon as possible to detect these issues and repair them before they cause further damage.

Frozen Piping and Winterizing Pipes

Residents of the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati area may understand that winter weather is hard on pipes.  Freezing temperatures are capable of causing these plumbing pipes to crack at certain sections.  Our team can help you prepare for these cold seasons by winterizing the pipes in your home or repairing existing damages.

If you find a leak, call your friends at Richardson Plumbing as soon as possible! Our fast, friendly technicians would love to help you out.