Northern Kentucky Plumbing FAQ’s

Plumbing FAQ #1: Do I really need to utilize the services of a plumber to fix a simple problem like a leaky faucet or clogged up drain?

Yes is the definite answer. A Northern Kentucky plumber has detailed and deep knowledge on this sort of thing and will have been in the trade for years so they know a thing or two! They are skilled craftsmen who possess a multitude of skills and assets at their disposal. They will know everything about the water systems in your home. DIY is good when it works, but your insurance may not cover any unsuccessful projects.

Plumbers are very dedicated and this is a quality that sets them apart from the rest. They have all the technical know-how and expertise and constantly keep their knowledge up to date. They strive for excellence and have good interpersonal skills, allowing them to liaise with customers effectively. Contact Richardson Plumbing today and you’ll discover just how much we care about meeting your plumbing needs.

Plumbing FAQ #2: Can I install a new sink or plumbing fixture myself or should I call the professionals at Richardson Plumbing instead?

This is a job that many homeowners can do on their own competently. Some of the bigger stores even show you how to do this. However, from personal experience, these kinds of things are best left to the professionals as we have had to help customers out who are in the middle of a disastrous DIY project. Richardson Plumbing offer tradesman quality installation and improvements to sinks, toilets and other devices within the home at a very reasonable price.

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