Solar Powered Water Heaters: A Quick Guide


Contrary to what most believe, there is much more to solar powered water heaters than what meets the eye. There are various brands, types, and benefits associated with solar powered water heaters, making it a vast topic to explore. If you are interested in purchasing a solar powered water heater or are just simply curious about this innovative piece of technology, keep on reading for a quick guide on all that you need to know.

Solar powered water heaters operate, obviously, on solar panels, which absorb heat directly from the sun and transform this retained heat into heat. In terms of solar heat collectors, there are two rules that govern the entire system. The first is that hot objects lose their heat and it returns back into the environment. The second principle is that this heat loss between two objects is much quicker if the temporal difference is large. Although it may seem as simple as placing a tub of water out into the sun, there are many factors that contribute to not only obtaining the heat but maintaining it as well.

The entire process of a solar water heating system begins with the preferred collector acquiring heat from the sun and sending it to a fluid. The fluid then takes the heat from either storage or use. There are heat exchangers that will take the heat from the fluid and direct it to your home’s main water source. All of this may sound intriguing, but why should you even consider using solar power for your home? Solar water heating is actually incredibly beneficial for both your wallet and the environment. You will become much less dependent on utilities because of your conserved energy and the reduced amount of burning fossil fuels. There are even financial benefits because, although there is an initial payment to install your solar water heating system, you will pay less on your utility bills in the long run. Through integrating this technology, you will save money because of your intake of free energy and will emit less harmful toxins into the environment.

There are many forms of solar powered water heating, all of which are easily maintained after the initial installment. The three most popular forms include domestic hot water, space, and pool heating. Although solar powered water heaters may seem like a no brainer, the investment and installation is not the best fit for every home. The location of the home, including climate and terrain, are the deciding factors of whether or not a home should utilize this technology. Most homes in North America would benefit from this technology by saving up to 80% of your heating budget. Sun exposure is obviously the most important requirement for solar heating, but depending on the type of system that you want to use, you will also need certain roofs, basements, etc. Similarly, this technology is constantly updating so you will to be comfortable with improvements and installations when necessary.

The best way to determine whether or not solar powered water heating is a smart decision and investment for you and your home is to talk to a plumber early on in the investigating process. Here at Richardson Plumbing, we can sit down with you and weigh the pros and cons to see if this technology is the right fit for you. We are located in Florence, Kentucky and serve the greater areas of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.

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