Professional Plumbing & Remodeling in Sparta, KY

Sparta, Kentucky is one of the many great cities making up the Northern part of the state. Sparta is most famously known for being home to the Kentucky Speedway, although it is comprised of many other historical events and attractions that make it a unique and modest town. With its central location to many other large Kentucky cities and attractions, Sparta has something for anyone and everyone.

The city has a little over two hundred residents, meaning that it falls under the category of being a small town. It is nestled into Gallatin County, which is surrounded on the North side by Eagle Creek and the south by Owen County. Through the city run many different major roadways that allow easy access to other cities close by, including Cincinnati and Louisville, in less than one hundred miles. Sparta itself is around 6 square miles, a majority of which is land because Eagle Creek is the only body of water. Eagle Creek cuts through the center of the town and flows into both the Kentucky River and the Ohio River tributary.

The city has a low poverty rate because of the low cost of living in comparison to other cities in Kentucky and the influx of money coming in from the attraction of the Kentucky Speedway. Manufacturing and construction are the two most popular occupations in Sparta, with agriculture and real estate coming in second.

Time to address the elephant in the room, the Kentucky Speedway. It has been mentioned a few times but it is obviously the main attraction in Sparta and a large reason as to why this city has the different attractions that it does. The Kentucky Speedway is a tri-oval speedway that is a mile and a half long. Since its opening in 2000, the track has hosted many major races such as the ARCA, the Indy Racing League, and NASCAR, all of which race annually at this location. With a capacity of over 80,000, it is clear that many racing fans flock to this venue for different competitions throughout the year. As a result, Sparta has many different lodging options, racing experiences, and local restaurants to appeal to both residents and tourists.

In 1802, Sparta was merely a village that was called Brock’s Station. However, in 1852 the population had increased enough to be established as a town. It first gained attracted because it was a stop on the Louisville and Nashville railroad, a track which still runs through the center of the town although now named the CSX railroad. When the Kentucky Speedway was built in 1999, it was host to a multitude a races such as the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

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