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How to Tell If You Need a New Dishwasher


As time passes, the performance of appliances will deteriorate. A defective dishwasher may not be obvious to the eye, but there are some clues that can reveal a problem. If any of these situations describe your current device, you should think about getting a new dishwasher.

If the dishes feel cool after going through a wash cycle, this is a big sign that the dishwasher is not functioning properly. To ensure that the dishes are clean and sanitized, the water must reach at least 170°F. The temperature of the dishes may indicate a problem with the heating coil. It is sometimes more cost-effective to simply buy a new dishwasher rather than repair the heating mechanism.

Another hint that it is time to say goodbye to your dishwasher is if the water refuses to drain. This can occur because of cracking or crumbling of the drain. The inadequate disposal of water may eventually leak out of the appliance, which can cause permanent damage to your flooring. The pool of standing water may be caused by a clog of food remnants in the drain. However, if the issue persists after the debris is cleared, a new machine is needed.

Having a dishwasher door that latches correctly is imperative to the function of the device. The door must shut in order for a cycle to run. Warping could be the reason that a door will not latch properly, which can lead to unnecessary leaking.
Dishwashers have a ten year life span if they receive regular maintenance and repairs. If your home has a dishwasher older than ten years, it would be a smart investment to purchase a new one. The current market has energy efficient models that can reduce the amount of water needed for each cycle. This water conservation will lower your water bills, thus saving you money.

A new dishwasher is mandatory if there is a crack in the body shell of your current appliance. The machine is designed in a manner to keep water and soap from reaching the mechanical workings. However a crack in the inner body makes the dishwasher susceptible to damage from the leaking water and detergent.

Rust is an absolute warning you need to replace your dishwasher. This occurs when water runs down to the bottom of the device. Eventually with enough water damage, rust will be produced. This is not a problem that you can see right away, so it important to check for corrosion. To do this, you simply need to sweep under the dishwasher, making sure to reach all the way in the back. If you find rust flakes, then you should purchase a new dishwasher.

If your dishwasher is showing signs that it is reaching the end of its life, the professionals at Richardson Plumbing can help. We will inspect your current model to see if a repair or replacement is required. We have decades of experience and are highly skilled experts that can assist in all your home’s plumbing needs. Richardson Plumbing is located in Florence, KY and provides service to Northern KY and Cincinnati.

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Greater Cincinnati Kitchen Remodeling

Greater CIncinnati Kitchen RemodelingGreater Cincinnati kitchen remodeling begins with deciding what your goals are and what you want to change. Just updating fixtures and appliances will do a lot to make your home look newer and more appealing. If on the other hand, you are thinking about a large-scale project, you can realize your dreams and begin thinking about what you like and what you don’t. Here are a few things to consider when remodeling your kitchen in Greater Cincinnati.

Listing Your Needs And Wants

When it comes to making a list of what you like and what you don’t, you can be as detailed as you like. List the items you don’t like in your current kitchen and list items you want to add to the new kitchen. Don’t worry at this point about budget. Your remodeling contractor can help you determine what is within budget later on. This is your time to imagine a kitchen like you’ve always dreamed. Think about what is important to you. If you like to cook or bake, then the appliances you choose may be based on your skills as a chef. If you don’t like to cook then maybe having an area where your family and friends can be close by will be more important. By listing your likes and dislikes you’ll have a better idea how you want your new kitchen to turn out.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

There are many places to find different products, paint and other items you might be interested in when you start your Greater Cincinnati kitchen remodeling project. It’s a good idea if you like to make color choices and put it all together that you keep a notebook or folder for your ideas. This will help you determine if everything will match. Make sure if you have any color samples that you look at them under the lights in your kitchen. This is really the only area where you can see exactly how they will look. Some paint and tile stores allow you to purchase samples just for previewing at home. If you are choosing a stone countertop, decide if it makes more sense to match your colors or have your colors match the stone you choose. Often the stone countertop is one of the most expensive additions to your kitchen, which naturally gives consideration to it top priority.

Finding Greater Cincinnati Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

When it comes time to get the job done, you need to find a remodeling contractor with plenty of experience who can take care of your remodeling job the right way. If you need permits pulled or need to move your plumbing, a plumbing contractor will ensure things are done properly and within building code guidelines. Richardson Plumbing is your professional choice for Greater Cincinnati Kitchen Remodeling. You need a contractor you can depend on and Richardson’s is the plumber for the job! Call Richardson Plumbing today and discuss your kitchen remodeling plans.

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2016 Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

2016 kitchen remodeling design trends2016 kitchen remodeling design trends are sure to please just about everyone. If you are planning on renovating your kitchen, now is a great time to get started. With everyone providing a color of the year form Pantone’s fashion colors to Benjamin Moore, you will find kitchen colors are a diverse as people are. Here are a few of the popular 2016 kitchen remodeling design trends:

Clean and Simple

Many people are choosing a less instead of more mentality when it comes to home décor. We see this in kitchen cabinet designs as well. Modern cabinets and kitchen layouts offer simple designs and clean straight lines.

All White or Colorful

Along the same respect for clean and simple, all white is still a popular look in the kitchen.  This could also include white appliances and dishes.  Many people are choosing white cabinets for the clean look. If you have a busy household, you may need to consider adding darker cabinets below the countertop. This is especially true in homes with small children or pets.  For as many all white kitchens you find you will probably see a variety of bold color kitchens too.  From adding pops of color to going for a colorful hued scheme, just about anything goes.

Going Green, Natural and Neutral

When it comes to 2016 kitchen remodeling design trends, going green refers to not only designing your kitchen with accommodations for processing natural whole ingredients but it also means have natural or organic elements to your overall design. Wood elements and natural metals will show up everywhere. This includes neutral color schemes and earthy tones that provide a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Utilizing Space

With a multitude of options for storage and cabinets, you won’t be surprised to find that 2016 kitchen remodeling design trends include using up every inch of space. But it’s not to clutter or crowd the kitchen. The idea behind utilizing space is to make sure the kitchen is workable and everything is within reach of the cook.

2016 Kitchen Remodeling Design Trends

Whether you choose an all white kitchen or a neutral color scheme with pops of color, redesigning your kitchen to reflect what you need and how you use your kitchen will not only add value to your home but also make sure your kitchen space is utilized the best way. At Richardson Plumbing, we can help you redecorate your kitchen.

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Affordable Plumbers in Greater Cincinnati

affordable plumber in Greater CincinnatiIf you are looking for affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati, Richardson’s Plumbing is the team to call. You won’t find a more reliable plumbing repair company in the area. If you have plumbing repairs or upgrades you need done, you can depend on Richardson’s Plumbing to provide you with excellent customer service and a good job.

Plumbing for New Construction

If you need new plumbing service or are looking for a Northern Kentucky plumbing contractor, we can help. We have experience doing plumbing for new construction and for remodeling of both residential and commercial buildings.   We have a crew of highly skilled plumbers who can ensure your job is done on time and on budget.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs are something that should never be put off for too long. A small leak can turn into a flooded room and even a tiny drip at the faucet can waste a large amount of water. If you need plumbing repairs, affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati can fix your plumbing. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency plumbing repairs too. If you notice a burst pipe or other emergency, turn the main water to the house off at the shut off valve and call your local plumber at Richardson Plumbing.

Plumbing Upgrades

If you are interested in upgrading your plumbing or plumbing fixtures, we can help. We will install plumbing fixtures, water heaters, sinks and other plumbing upgrades. We are also available to help you install appliances. If you are in need of a plumbing upgrade, you can depend on the fast, efficient service we provide.

Hiring Affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati

Hiring affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati ensures that whatever the plumbing project is, it will be done correctly and safely. When it comes time to have the house inspected, you won’t have to worry that the plumbing won’t pass the inspection because everything will be done right and up to code.  For all your plumbing needs, call Richardson Plumbing today.

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