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How to Know You Need a Professional Plumber

How to Know You Need a Professional Plumber

There are times when it may be very obvious that you need to call a plumber, such as a pipe bust with water flowing through your house. But sometimes, plumbing problems are not so recognizable! Calling a professional is in most cases the most efficient and quick way to get problems resolved. This is very true with plumbing, as it can be messy and challenging to fix plumbing issues even for the most knowledgeable home owner. At Richardson Plumbing we are here to help which is why we have provided a few different circumstances to help you know when it is time to call our professionals!

Water leaks can be obvious but they also can be issues that creep up on you. For example, many people notice their water bill increasing and do not connect this issue to a plumbing problem. It is imperative to check your water usage and monthly bill to stay ahead of these types of problems. Each month your bill should remain fairly close to the month prior. If you are noticing a significant increase in your bill it may be due to a water leak. Detecting water leaks can be as simple as turning off your water and watching your meter for movement.
A clogged toilet may seem like no big deal but it can lead to serious plumbing complications. If your toilet requires plunging more than one time per week it may be time to replace it. You should not be hassling with the aggravation of a clogged toilet on a daily or even weekly basis. Plunging and consistently fussing over your toilet can become a nuisance and should be resolved sooner rather than later. At Richardson Pluming our staff is experienced and happy to help with all your plumbing needs.

Pipe damage is a common problem is colder climates however freezing damage can be prevented very easily with a couple simple steps. The first step is to leave your faucets running slowly; moving water through the pipes will usually prevent them from freezing. Keep your home warm and do not allow it to go below 32 degrees in the spaces where pipes are located. By allowing warm air to enter into areas such as the garage or storage room you can protect your pipes from the harsh cold weather. Believe it or not tree roots are another cause for pipe damage. Trees looking for moisture, can actually puncture through your pipes with their hair-like roots and can cause clogs and breakage. If you have noticed a pipe break, do not stress! Richardson Plumbing is here to take away the headache of a pipe break.

If you think you may have a plumbing problem it is essential to call Richardson Plumbing right away, the problem will most likely only worsen. The plumbing issue will not go away on its own, it is best to get ahead of the issue. At Richardson Plumbing our professionals are knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. We are family owned and operated and we always guarantee our customers quick service at a fair and honest price. At Richardson Plumbing we provide full service plumbing to the Northern KY and Cincinnati areas. Call us today for assistance!

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Hard Water vs. Soft Water: What’s the Difference?

hard water vs. soft water

Hard water Vs. soft water? It’s hard to tell the difference between hard water and soft water. Which one is better for your needs? Richardson Plumbing knows the benefits of each type and they want to share this knowledge with you! They’ve supplied you with some tips on when to use soft water and when to use hard water.

Hard Water

When people hear the term “hard water” they automatically think it’s too harsh to use for anything. But this isn’t the case. Hard water contains essential minerals that make for good drinking water.

What hard water is not good for are household chores. Most people prefer using soft water because according to Apec Water, it can take a toll on household appliances. You might be familiar with spots on dishes, dingy clothes when you take them out of the wash and soap scum causing you to wash these over again only to get the same result. Using hard water causes you to use more soap because soap doesn’t react well with this type of water. The worst though, for ladies, is what it does to your hair. You know the feeling when you step out of a shower that you’re not used to and your hair feels sticky and dull? Unfortunately, that’s the result of hard water and makes for a really bad hair day.

Soft Water

If you want to get more bang for your buck, use soft water for daily chores. The chemicals in soft water react well with soap making it more efficient to clean with. So then you don’t end up washing all of your hard-earned money down the drain! You can tell that you are using soft water when you’re cleaning because Diffen says that there will be less lather formation and more soap scum. So you can be aware of what kind of water you are cleaning with!

Soft water may be preferred for household chores but definitely not for drinking water. Most people prefer hard water for drinking compared to soft because soft water can taste salty. No one wants to drink an ice-cold glass of salt water! That’s not very refreshing.

There is a way to get the best of both worlds. Meaning, better tasting drinking water and also water to meet all of your cleaning needs. Through the process of reverse osmosis, distillation or deionization you can achieve the perfect balance of hard and soft water.

Hopefully these tips have opened your eyes to the differences between hard water vs. soft water. At Richardson Plumbing, we want to make sure that you are using the right type of water suitable to your needs. We pride ourselves on being your trusted plumbers in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and the surrounding area.

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10 Common Things You Should Never Flush Down The Toilet

flush down the toilet
Your plumber should be Richardson Plumbing if you are a resident of the Greater Cincinnati area. Serving the area for over 20 years, we are a family friendly company with Christian ethics. We get calls frequently (we offer 24 hour emergency service) because of clogged toilets that aggressive plunging won’t open. The most frequent cause is an item that got flushed that just won’t fit through the pipes. Although we are always available to get you out of a jam (pun intended), we would like to give you the following pointers on what should never be flushed.

What Not To Flush Down The Toilet:

  1. Toys-Most adults would not even think of flushing a toy, but your mischievous child may not hesitate. A child’s innate curiosity sometimes leads them to mischief. “I wonder what else will go down there?” or “Can my action figure swim?”
  2. Feminine Sanitary Products- Although you may be tempted, and some packaging says they are flushable, flushing tampons and sanitary napkins are a sure way to clog your pipes.
  3. Band Aids-That Band Aid that you placed on your cut finger is likely to fall off after several hand washings.       If a garbage can isn’t handy, you may be tempted to just pitch it into the conveniently open commode. I can assure you that most children won’t hesitate. Band Aids are generally made of plastic and therefore are non-biodegradable, so don”t flush them down the toilet.
  4. Diapers and Baby Wipes-Yes, people do attempt to flush Junior’s dirty diaper. If you stop and think about it, that diaper gets a lot larger when wet. After all they are meant to expand to hold liquid. And baby wipes, although often labeled as “flushable” are causing havoc with sewer treatment plants.
  5. Paper Towels-Somewhat similar to diapers, paper towels are made of material designed to absorb water. They are not bio-degradable and create major issues down the line.
  6. Prescription Medication-Your plan to dispose of unused medications is commendable, but please don’t flush them down the toilet. Medications are not environmentally friendly. Your unused antibiotics kill bacteria that are useful environmentally to break down waste into particles that can be used by other organisms.
  7. Cigarette butts-So you snuck into the bathroom to hide from your Mom and Dad to have a smoke. I know it is tempting to flip that butt into the toilet, but butts are not environmentally friendly.
  8. Dental Floss- Dental floss seems like such a small thing. But floss is made of tough, non-biodegradable material and when it wraps around other products in the sewer line, small clogs become bigger toilet clogs.
  9. Cat Litter- Cat litter is made to absorb moisture and about 90% of the brands available are formulated to clump when wet.
  10. Food, including grease, fats, and oils- Large food products may very well clog your pipes. Grease is the number one cause of clogged pipes in the sewer system because grease congeals or solidifies when it gets cold. The Environmental Protection Agency warns of the toxic effects of grease on wildlife and the environment.

Clogged Toilet Repair

For toilet repair in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and the surrounding area call your professional plumber, Richardson Plumbing.  We can help when something gets flush down the toilet.



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Kitchen Remodeling: Must Have Features

kitchen remodeling

The kitchen might be the most important room in your entire house which makes kitchen remodeling stressful. A Kitchen is not only where your food is stored, prepared, and often eaten, it is also the area where guests like to congregate. A room this important deserves some extra attention when remodeling. Here are some fantastic kitchen features that would look great in just about any kitchen; maybe even yours.

Double Ovens and Convenient Cook Tops

One exciting possible kitchen feature is installing double ovens. Not only do these ovens, one installed on top of the other, look cool, but they also give you one oven that you do not have to bend down to use and another one to keep things warm or for additional baking. And if you have your ovens installed in the walls, you will probably want to install a separate cook top. Putting it on an island in the middle of the room gives you lots of space to prepare and cook food, as well as plenty of space underneath to hold all your various cooking utensils.

Extra Storage and Smart Drawers

A problem that people often run into in their kitchen is never having enough space for all of their kitchen gadgets, food and utensils. Consider installing corner storage units or appliance garages. Corner storage cabinets add extra storage to a part of the room that previously went to waste, and appliance garages give you quick, easy to access places to store appliances that you use all the time but do not necessarily want sitting out on your counters. Also, deep and full extension drawers are other great methods to hold as much as possible. Deep drawers are great to have right by your stove so you can get large pots out easily, and full extension drawers can hold lots of plates, cups, or whatever you want to conveniently grab. Consider specialty cupboards and drawers too, like a narrow cupboard for cookie sheets and baking pans.  The last thing you want in your kitchen is clutter and these are great ways to cut down on that while making the best use of the space you have.

Exciting Plumbing Fixtures For A Great Kitchen

When it comes to adding plumbing fixtures and appliances, you have many more options today than ever before. Beautiful refrigerators can be designed covered in your cabinetry for example. You can also install touch less faucets. Having hands free faucets will keep your kitchen cleaner and save you time when you’re cooking. Richardson Plumbing has lots of experiencing installing state of the art fixtures and appliances so you can rest easy knowing your kitchen will turn out just the way you want it to.

Kitchen Remodeling in Northern Kentucky

Now you know a few of the exciting options available for when you remodel your kitchen. And when you are ready for your kitchen makeover, or are just in need of a plumber, call Richardson Plumbing, the best place for plumbers and kitchen remodeling in Northern Kentucky.

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Toilet Repairs or Toilet Replacement in Cincinnati

plumbers in CincinnatiDo you need toilet replacement in Cincinnati?  According to consumer reports toilet buying guide, choosing a toilet is more about toilet function than good looks. You may think all toilets are basically the same but we’ve found over the years that some toilets work better than others and some toilets require fewer Cincinnati plumbing repairs than others. So here’s what you need to know when choosing a toilet:

Toilet Repairs In Cincinnati

Our Cincinnati plumbing technicians at Richardson Plumbing can help you determine if you need a new toilet or if you just need your existing toilet repaired. You may notice your toilet leaking around the bottom. This can necessitate the need for a new toilet however it doesn’t always have to be the case. Sometimes the water that is leaking is from another source besides a cracked toilet. If you suspect a broken toilet because it’s not flushing properly, wobbles when you sit on it or is leaking, call your professional plumbers in Cincinnati and let them take a look. Richardson plumbing is available to help even during an emergency after hours.  If you’re toilet can be repaired or is worth repairing, we’ll repair it quickly and best of all, we’re reasonably priced.

What To Look For in A New Toilet

When you begin to look at new toilets, you have a few considerations to make. Besides aesthetic considerations, you also have to think about comfort, space and affordability. Many mid range priced toilets function just about as good as higher priced models according to the consumer report article referenced above. Here are your options:

Height: a regular toilet is between 14-15 inches, which is a normal height. If you have issues getting up and down or want a more comfortable height, toilets also come in heights 17-19 inches tall.

Toilet Size: You can choose a round or oblong toilet. A round toilet will fit in a tighter space but an oblong toilet may add comfort and more seating room.   Some say an oblong toilet is also easier to clean.

Flushing Modes: Choose a single flush toilet for traditional flushing or a dual flush toilet that allows you to choose the level of flush needed. This technology is similar to what you find in most RV’s. According to they allows you to use less water for flushing liquids (3 litres)  and more for flushing solid wastes (12 litres).

2 piece or one piece toilets– you can choose a toilet that is one piece. It often looks nicer, sleeker and has the added advantage of being easier to clean because there is no space between the toilet back and the bowl piece.

Flush Valve Size- Toilets that use pressure to flush instead of just gravity require a toilet valve to work. The larger the valve the better the toilet performs.   These type toilets are often noisier than a gravity toilet. If having a quieter toilet is important to you, than a gravity feed toilet is a better choice.

Color– As with most everything else, toilets come in a variety of colors. While some colors seem to outdate a toilet, other colors are becoming more popular.

 Toilet Replacement in Cincinnati

Plumbers in Cincinnati like Richardson Plumbing can help you with toilet repairs and replacement. When you’re not sure what you need, you can depend on Cincinnati plumbers at Richardson’s to give you your best options at an affordable price. Call today and let us help you determine what will be the best toilet for your home.

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Designing A New Kitchen or Bathroom in Northern Kentucky

Designing a new kitchen or bathroom in Northern KentuckyDesigning a new kitchen or bathroom in Northern Kentucky is one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have as a homeowner. You get to pick your colors, pick flooring, appliances, plumbing fixtures and window treatments. From the moment you decide to remodel your kitchen or bathroom in Northern Kentucky until the project is complete, you will spend many hours planning and discussing your plans with your plumbing contractor.

Avoiding Remodeling Disasters

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom involves not only selecting new things which is enjoyable, but tearing down the old. This includes taking down old plumbing, dismantling cabinets and tearing out flooring and walls, depending on how involved your remodeling project is. When you begin designing a new kitchen or bathroom, you may not take into consideration the amount of time the room will be out of order and how you will manage without the room. Hiring a good plumbing contractor is very important. If you hire someone who cannot complete the job in a timely manner or who can’t stay within the agreed price, you could have delays and other problems that could cause a disaster. Plumbing contractors who don’t care about their customers often leave one job to complete a higher paying job. This leaves you in a mess until they return. When you choose Richardson Plumbing, you can rest assured we will complete the job as scheduled. We desire to help you with excellent service and integrity. That’s the way we do business.

Choosing the Right Plumbing Contractor

Don’t let the fun of designing a new kitchen or bathroom in Northern Kentucky turn into a frustration. Richardson Plumbing has experience working with remodeling kitchens and remodeling bathrooms. We can make sure you get the service that takes the stress out of remodeling, You’ll love working with the experts at Richardson’s and getting the help you deserve. Let us help make this remodeling project a pleasant experience. Call Richardson Plumbing, your Northern Kentucky plumbing contractor to help with your next remodeling job. We know how to get permits, install every brand of plumbing fixtures, make drain and sewer connections and repairs and install tubs and shower stalls. We work closely with you or your interior designer to ensure your kitchen or bathroom turns out just the way you imagined.

Designing A New Kitchen Or Bathroom in Northern Kentucky

If It’s time to remodel your kitchen or bathroom or even if you just need to upgrade your plumbing, Richardson Plumbing is the plumbing contractors to call. Whether you need a completely new kitchen or bathroom or you’re just installing a new sink, we can help. Call the professionals at Richardson Plumbing and we’ll be happy to help.  We serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio area.

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Bathroom Trends for 2015

bathroom trends for 2015Hot Bathroom trends for 2015 may not include the colors of your choice or what you consider a dream bathroom, but overall we expect to see larger more luxurious bathrooms that are modern, resort like and easy to access. Here are some of the latest 2015 bathroom trends:

2015 Color Picks

According to Patone’s color of the year, Marsala a bland burgundy is top choice, followed by blues, olives and of course, grays. You will find designers are painting walls all one color and the ceiling too or adding wallpaper in a mixture of color and prints. Fixture colors are changing too, with more gold being used; the more dramatic and elegant, the better.

Contemporary Designs With A Nostalgic Bent

Free standing tubs, rustic wood and natural bamboo and reeds are used to capture a very spa like look that is both contemporary and has splashes from the past. Contemporary fixtures go nice with freestanding washbasins and freestanding counters. You will find a look that is both spacious and open giving you a more relaxed feel.

Luxurious Upgrades

From heated floors to steam in the shower, you will find more ways than you can imagine to bring technology and pizzazz to your bathroom. Bathroom trends for 2015 include many energy saving and water saving ideas but don’t exclude the more costly ideas that can drive up your utilities. Motion sensor faucets and touchless flushing are just some of the technology that is entering homes this year.

Bathroom Trends for 2015

When it comes to designing a bathroom in 2015, take into consideration the amount of time you will spend in the bathroom and what you will be doing. If you are one of the millions of Americans who love to soak in the tub, then a large tub is mandatory and designing your bathroom with the most relaxing atmosphere is a must. If you’re a shower and run person, you may get by with a more streamlined bathroom and a larger dressing area. The best thing about 2015 designer bathroom trends is that you can pick and choose what you like and what is important to you. With the right plans and dedicated plumbers, you can end up with a dream bathroom that fits your every need. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom or you need a plumbing repairs, call Richardson Plumbing and they will be happy to help you.

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5 Costly Plumbing Myths

plumbing mythsWe all grow up believing certain things that simply aren’t true; including plumbing myths. A popular show, Myth Busters sets out to disprove popular myths by scientifically testing them.  We hope you will take our word for it, plumbing myths cause trouble.  This blog will give you the facts about some common plumbing misconceptions.  Don’t test these myths on your plumbing!

Water Flushes Backwards in The Southern Hemisphere

This is a well-known fact, right? Well I was surprised to learn it isn’t true. How the water flushes is due to jets that release the water and cause the water to go a certain direction. The Myth is based on the Coriolis effect. Small bodies of water in the sink or toilet don’t rotate any differently in either hemisphere. Hurricanes on the other hand do.  This myth may not cause any problems but it does show how easy it is to believe something that isn’t true.

Lemon or Orange Peels Clean Your Disposal

Yes, the peels can give off a nice clean fragrance, but the peels actually can damage or clog your disposal or drain. It is better to use white vinegar. You can also use mild soap and water. Be sure to unplug the disposal and then you can actually use a brush to scrub the blades and disposal.

Brick in the Toilet Saves Water

Since I’ve been married I think there has been a block in all our toilets until the last few years. This is a plumbing no-no. Any plumber can tell you that toilet repairs can be avoided with proper care. Bricks break down and can damage toilet components like the flapper. The brick often causes you to flush twice too because the toilet wasn’t made to work with less water. If you want to conserve, you’re better off buying a newer toilet that is made to save water.

A Small Leak Is Not A Problem

You may only see a small drip every once in awhile, but a leaky faucet can add to a lot of water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, household leaks waste 1 trillion gallons of water annually. That equals the amount of annual usage for 11 million homes. Conserving water is becoming a bigger and bigger concern. If you have a small leak, call your plumber. Repairing leaky faucets can prevent more plumbing damage and fixture repairs as well as help the environment.

If It Says Flushable You Can Flush It

Many times flushable items don’t disintegrate like toilet paper. They can cause your plumbing to back up and your drains to clog. Avoid flushing things just because the package says biodegradable or flushable. Your Plumbing wasn’t meant to handle these items.

Plumbing Myths

These are just a few of the plumbing myths your plumbers encounters. They can end up causing a costly plumbing repair if your not careful. We hope knowing the truth about plumbing can keep you from some of the problems these myths cause. If you need plumbing repair, call your plumbers at Richardson Plumbing and they will be happy to help you.

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Creepy Scary Plumbers Stories


October is a great time for fall festivals, bonfires and Halloween trick or treats. Weather has already been down right cold and we are just at the beginning of winter in Ohio and Northern Kentucky. People are decorating for the season with pumpkins and Halloween decorations in their yards and houses.   We have all been amused by scary stories and amusing tricks that have been passed down from parents to children and from child to child. Plumbers are no exception when it comes to scary tales and life threatening stories of Halloween scares and pets gone crazy.

Pets Gone Crazy

Any person who makes service calls, like your plumber will agree, learning to get along with pets is as important as learning how to get along with people. There is always that occasion when your presence brings out the worst in an otherwise gentle pet. It’s because of times like these, a plumber will learn to approach pets carefully and be ready to protect himself or herself if there is an occasional problem.

It was during a routine visit that I approached a home with, “Beware of the Dog” sign. I was on the lookout as I walked up to the steps and noticed a large hole in the screened door. The owner was expecting me, so I felt fairly confident I was safe. The next thing I know their Pitt Bull has his head out the screen and is lunging through the door. I felt my heart drop to my knees and I really didn’t have time to do anything but yell out a scream. My natural instinct was to run but I quickly realized he wasn’t letting go of my pant leg. Luckily the owner appeared about this time and called the dog off. Whew!

Creepy Crawlies

Another time I was going to make some emergency plumbing repairs. I was crouched down working under the sink when I felt something crawling up my pants leg. I don’t scare easily but I don’t like 8-legged spiders that wiggle all over me. Needless to say I was stripped down in no time and stomping on what appeared to be the biggest spider I had ever seen.

This snake is another pet I found lurking around some pipes in the basement of a customer’s house.  Apparently he had escaped a week before and they weren’t sure where he was.

Other Plumbers Stories

I’ve heard some pretty crazy stories over the years, like stories of Ball Pythons in the wall wrapped around pipes waiting to pounce on the plumber as soon as he got near. I’ve also heard of stories of ferrets or cats jumping on the back of plumbers as they bend over. Probably my favorite story is the story of my friend who had recently lost his pet cat. He left a house with the customer’s cat tucked in a coil of piping that was on top his truck. He didn’t know the cat was there and was getting a little freaked out every time he stopped at a traffic light and heard the faint meow.

From all of us at Richardson Plumbing, we wish you a happy Halloween and hope you hear and enjoy many scary stories this year.

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What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

what not to put down the garbage disposal
When you consider what not to put down your garbage disposal, you might be surprised at how big a list there is.  The truth of the matter is, that although garbage disposals are convenient, it is better for your plumbing if you don’t use it very often.   No matter how much you use your garbage disposal, these are the items you should never put down it.

Fibrous and Stringy Vegetables

This includes celery, asparagus, rhubarb, lettuce and potato peels as well as other vegetables.  These foods can get caught in your motor or swell and clog your drain.  The stringy veggies might wrap around your blades and cause the garbage disposal to freeze up.  The best thing to do with vegetable scraps is add them to your compost or if you have chickens, they love it.

Rice and Pasta

On the list of what not to put down your garbage disposal, you want to include rice and pasta.  As you know from cooking, these can easily double in size as they expand in water.  Some people seem to have no trouble but it can clog your drain or fill up your disposal trap.  I can remember dumping a pan of macaroni down the disposal and having it back up into our bathtub.  Rice and pasta don’t fully breakdown and can remain in your drain backing things up.

Egg shells and Coffee Grounds

These are both great items to compost.  The problem with egg shells is that the membrane on the shell can get stuck on your disposal blades.  That doesn’t sound like a big problem to me, but I can imagine the bacteria that might grow if it stayed there.  Coffee grounds also can build up in your drain or get stuck in the disposal trap.

Bones, Seeds and Fruit Pits

These are hard on your garbage disposal that is not made to handle items this hard.  You can easily damage your blades or the items will get stuck in the blades and damage the motor.  Not to mention these items shouldn’t go down your drain in the first place.

Grease and Oil

Last on the list of what not to put down your garbage disposal is grease and oil.  Hot grease will solidify once it’s cold.  It takes a lot of water to get the grease to pass through your pipes.  The grease and oil will add to a clog in your drains and cause problems.

What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

As you can see, there are a few items that should never go down the drain.  Many of these items can be composted and add to your garden.  Other items are great for chickens or can be thrown in the trash.  If you are having problems with your garbage disposal, call your friendly Florence KY Plumber, Richardson Plumbing they service Northern Ky, Cincinnati and the surrounding area and they will be happy to help you.

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