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How to Tell If You Need a New Dishwasher


As time passes, the performance of appliances will deteriorate. A defective dishwasher may not be obvious to the eye, but there are some clues that can reveal a problem. If any of these situations describe your current device, you should think about getting a new dishwasher.

If the dishes feel cool after going through a wash cycle, this is a big sign that the dishwasher is not functioning properly. To ensure that the dishes are clean and sanitized, the water must reach at least 170°F. The temperature of the dishes may indicate a problem with the heating coil. It is sometimes more cost-effective to simply buy a new dishwasher rather than repair the heating mechanism.

Another hint that it is time to say goodbye to your dishwasher is if the water refuses to drain. This can occur because of cracking or crumbling of the drain. The inadequate disposal of water may eventually leak out of the appliance, which can cause permanent damage to your flooring. The pool of standing water may be caused by a clog of food remnants in the drain. However, if the issue persists after the debris is cleared, a new machine is needed.

Having a dishwasher door that latches correctly is imperative to the function of the device. The door must shut in order for a cycle to run. Warping could be the reason that a door will not latch properly, which can lead to unnecessary leaking.
Dishwashers have a ten year life span if they receive regular maintenance and repairs. If your home has a dishwasher older than ten years, it would be a smart investment to purchase a new one. The current market has energy efficient models that can reduce the amount of water needed for each cycle. This water conservation will lower your water bills, thus saving you money.

A new dishwasher is mandatory if there is a crack in the body shell of your current appliance. The machine is designed in a manner to keep water and soap from reaching the mechanical workings. However a crack in the inner body makes the dishwasher susceptible to damage from the leaking water and detergent.

Rust is an absolute warning you need to replace your dishwasher. This occurs when water runs down to the bottom of the device. Eventually with enough water damage, rust will be produced. This is not a problem that you can see right away, so it important to check for corrosion. To do this, you simply need to sweep under the dishwasher, making sure to reach all the way in the back. If you find rust flakes, then you should purchase a new dishwasher.

If your dishwasher is showing signs that it is reaching the end of its life, the professionals at Richardson Plumbing can help. We will inspect your current model to see if a repair or replacement is required. We have decades of experience and are highly skilled experts that can assist in all your home’s plumbing needs. Richardson Plumbing is located in Florence, KY and provides service to Northern KY and Cincinnati.

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Kitchen Remodeling: Must Have Features

kitchen remodeling

The kitchen might be the most important room in your entire house which makes kitchen remodeling stressful. A Kitchen is not only where your food is stored, prepared, and often eaten, it is also the area where guests like to congregate. A room this important deserves some extra attention when remodeling. Here are some fantastic kitchen features that would look great in just about any kitchen; maybe even yours.

Double Ovens and Convenient Cook Tops

One exciting possible kitchen feature is installing double ovens. Not only do these ovens, one installed on top of the other, look cool, but they also give you one oven that you do not have to bend down to use and another one to keep things warm or for additional baking. And if you have your ovens installed in the walls, you will probably want to install a separate cook top. Putting it on an island in the middle of the room gives you lots of space to prepare and cook food, as well as plenty of space underneath to hold all your various cooking utensils.

Extra Storage and Smart Drawers

A problem that people often run into in their kitchen is never having enough space for all of their kitchen gadgets, food and utensils. Consider installing corner storage units or appliance garages. Corner storage cabinets add extra storage to a part of the room that previously went to waste, and appliance garages give you quick, easy to access places to store appliances that you use all the time but do not necessarily want sitting out on your counters. Also, deep and full extension drawers are other great methods to hold as much as possible. Deep drawers are great to have right by your stove so you can get large pots out easily, and full extension drawers can hold lots of plates, cups, or whatever you want to conveniently grab. Consider specialty cupboards and drawers too, like a narrow cupboard for cookie sheets and baking pans.  The last thing you want in your kitchen is clutter and these are great ways to cut down on that while making the best use of the space you have.

Exciting Plumbing Fixtures For A Great Kitchen

When it comes to adding plumbing fixtures and appliances, you have many more options today than ever before. Beautiful refrigerators can be designed covered in your cabinetry for example. You can also install touch less faucets. Having hands free faucets will keep your kitchen cleaner and save you time when you’re cooking. Richardson Plumbing has lots of experiencing installing state of the art fixtures and appliances so you can rest easy knowing your kitchen will turn out just the way you want it to.

Kitchen Remodeling in Northern Kentucky

Now you know a few of the exciting options available for when you remodel your kitchen. And when you are ready for your kitchen makeover, or are just in need of a plumber, call Richardson Plumbing, the best place for plumbers and kitchen remodeling in Northern Kentucky.

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Designing A New Kitchen or Bathroom in Northern Kentucky

Designing a new kitchen or bathroom in Northern KentuckyDesigning a new kitchen or bathroom in Northern Kentucky is one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ll ever have as a homeowner. You get to pick your colors, pick flooring, appliances, plumbing fixtures and window treatments. From the moment you decide to remodel your kitchen or bathroom in Northern Kentucky until the project is complete, you will spend many hours planning and discussing your plans with your plumbing contractor.

Avoiding Remodeling Disasters

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom involves not only selecting new things which is enjoyable, but tearing down the old. This includes taking down old plumbing, dismantling cabinets and tearing out flooring and walls, depending on how involved your remodeling project is. When you begin designing a new kitchen or bathroom, you may not take into consideration the amount of time the room will be out of order and how you will manage without the room. Hiring a good plumbing contractor is very important. If you hire someone who cannot complete the job in a timely manner or who can’t stay within the agreed price, you could have delays and other problems that could cause a disaster. Plumbing contractors who don’t care about their customers often leave one job to complete a higher paying job. This leaves you in a mess until they return. When you choose Richardson Plumbing, you can rest assured we will complete the job as scheduled. We desire to help you with excellent service and integrity. That’s the way we do business.

Choosing the Right Plumbing Contractor

Don’t let the fun of designing a new kitchen or bathroom in Northern Kentucky turn into a frustration. Richardson Plumbing has experience working with remodeling kitchens and remodeling bathrooms. We can make sure you get the service that takes the stress out of remodeling, You’ll love working with the experts at Richardson’s and getting the help you deserve. Let us help make this remodeling project a pleasant experience. Call Richardson Plumbing, your Northern Kentucky plumbing contractor to help with your next remodeling job. We know how to get permits, install every brand of plumbing fixtures, make drain and sewer connections and repairs and install tubs and shower stalls. We work closely with you or your interior designer to ensure your kitchen or bathroom turns out just the way you imagined.

Designing A New Kitchen Or Bathroom in Northern Kentucky

If It’s time to remodel your kitchen or bathroom or even if you just need to upgrade your plumbing, Richardson Plumbing is the plumbing contractors to call. Whether you need a completely new kitchen or bathroom or you’re just installing a new sink, we can help. Call the professionals at Richardson Plumbing and we’ll be happy to help.  We serve all of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati Ohio area.

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How Winter Affects Your Water Usage

how winter affects your water usageWe’ll show you how winter affects your water usage.  Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about plumbing issues, until there’s a problem.  The truth is many of the problems you experience with your plumbing can be avoided with some forethought.  Not only are winters a normally high usage time for water but according to the Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Safety, winter storms pose water usage problems and other health concerns. Here are a few ways cold weather affects plumbing:

Household Occupants

If your house is like most, during the winter, you will have more people staying inside.  This adds to your water usage.  More people will be using your plumbing which requires more water and more plumbing use. You may also be among the millions of Americans who like hot showers.  This too adds to your water usage and your plumbing concerns.  You can do a few things to cut down on the water usage and keep your water heater and other plumbing fixtures in better condition.  Make sure you allow time between showers.  Also run the dish washer or washing machine at night when other people won’t be as likely to use the water.  This will allow your water heater to keep up with the extra demand.

Cold Temperatures

Of course winter affects your water usage with colder temperatures.  Water coming into your home from a city water source or your own well is warmer before it reaches your home.  During freezing temperatures, your home pipes will not keep your water the same temperature.  You can prevent frozen pipes by doing the following:

  • Insulate your pipes
  • Keep water running at a trickle
  • keep your thermostat at 55 degrees or higher

How Winter Affects Your Water Usage

Water is a convenience you don’t want to be without. Winter and the cold weather it brings often gives you reason to enjoy more water, longer baths, hotter showers and the like.  Knowing how winter affects your water usage will help you consider ways to conserve on water and the use of your water heater and other plumbing fixtures.  If you do run into a plumbing problem like a busted pipe or other concern, turn your water off if it’s leaking and call Richardson Plumbing right away.

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Affordable Plumbers in Greater Cincinnati

affordable plumber in Greater CincinnatiIf you are looking for affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati, Richardson’s Plumbing is the team to call. You won’t find a more reliable plumbing repair company in the area. If you have plumbing repairs or upgrades you need done, you can depend on Richardson’s Plumbing to provide you with excellent customer service and a good job.

Plumbing for New Construction

If you need new plumbing service or are looking for a Northern Kentucky plumbing contractor, we can help. We have experience doing plumbing for new construction and for remodeling of both residential and commercial buildings.   We have a crew of highly skilled plumbers who can ensure your job is done on time and on budget.

Plumbing Repairs

Plumbing repairs are something that should never be put off for too long. A small leak can turn into a flooded room and even a tiny drip at the faucet can waste a large amount of water. If you need plumbing repairs, affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati can fix your plumbing. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency plumbing repairs too. If you notice a burst pipe or other emergency, turn the main water to the house off at the shut off valve and call your local plumber at Richardson Plumbing.

Plumbing Upgrades

If you are interested in upgrading your plumbing or plumbing fixtures, we can help. We will install plumbing fixtures, water heaters, sinks and other plumbing upgrades. We are also available to help you install appliances. If you are in need of a plumbing upgrade, you can depend on the fast, efficient service we provide.

Hiring Affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati

Hiring affordable plumbers in Greater Cincinnati ensures that whatever the plumbing project is, it will be done correctly and safely. When it comes time to have the house inspected, you won’t have to worry that the plumbing won’t pass the inspection because everything will be done right and up to code.  For all your plumbing needs, call Richardson Plumbing today.

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4 Money Saving Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

4 money saving tips for remodeling your bathroomThinking about remodeling a bathroom in your home? Whether you want to add a new bath area, or upgrade an existing bathroom, we can help. Here are 4 money saving tips for remodeling your bathroom.

  1. Decide ahead of time how much space you have-You want to start the project off with a good floor plan. An architect can do this or draftsman or you can hire a reputable plumber or bathroom remodeler who can help you lay out the floor plan based on your existing space and the size of the tub and shower and other furnishings you are planning on using. Many times you can turn an outdated bathroom into a beautiful area without moving plumbing fixtures and water lines that could be costly.
  2. Hire a good Plumber in Northern Kentucky– Don’t start remodeling your bathroom without the necessary skills to get the job done. If you don’t know anything about plumbing or electricity, then having an experienced plumber on the job will save you time and money. Mistakes are costly.
  3. What are your bathroom necessities?  If you are remodeling the kids bathroom, decide what you or they need in their bathroom. It may be a double sink that would help your kids get to school on time or maybe a separate shower stall. Maybe a bathtub can be replaced with a shower to save on water usage. There are many things you can consider when you begin to think about remodeling your bathroom in Northern Kentucky.  Thinking about your water and electricity use may save you money in the long run.
  4. Choose your style wisely – Don’t spend a lot of money on trendy fashions and finishes when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. Styles and décor can be outdated quickly. One of the 4 money saving tips for remodeling your bathroom, includes choosing your fixtures and finishes carefully. Don’t settle for cheap alternatives when it comes to buying fixtures. You want your new bathroom to last and work properly for years to come. When it comes to the main fixtures, toilets, shower stalls and bathtubs, you will find having the best quality options makes the most sense. You can always change paint color or re-stain furnishings but the main aspects of your bathroom aren’t as easy to change later on.

4 Money Saving Tips For Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you are looking for a professional plumber to remodel bathroom, Richardson Plumbing is available to help you achieve the bathroom you’re dreaming of. We can help you develop a plan for the bathroom that meets your needs and looks amazing. When you care about a quality job and your budget, call Richardson Plumbing.

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