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What to Do About a Leaky Shower Head

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After a long day, most people love to come home and wash away the stress from work with a soothing, hot shower. However, a shower with low water pressure can do just the opposite. Leaky shower heads can be a small problem to fix, or it can go on for years without being noticed by you or a family member. No matter the size or location of your leak, Richardson Plumbing has two decades of experience providing families with all their plumbing needs. When it comes to solving a leaky shower head, our team of skilled plumbers will stop the leak and inform you on what you can do to prevent or fix a leaky shower head in the future. If you believe you have a leaky shower head or a leak anywhere else in your home, let us be the ones you call to fix it. We are located in Florence, KY and are proud to serve Northern KY and Cincinnati.

You can have a leaky shower head for quite some time and not be able to realize it until it is too late. Sometimes the leak may be in the pipe behind your shower wall, causing it to remain unseen and unresolved. This leak can be very expensive if it goes on for long periods of time, because you are paying for water you aren’t getting to use. That is why it is important to always be aware of how well your shower is running. These hidden leaks are scary, but don’t worry, not all leaks are hard to notice. A lot of times, you can notice a leak by the sound. A constant dripping sound even when the shower or faucet is completely turned off is one telltale sign of a leak. Also, if your shower is giving off less water pressure than it used to, you may be losing some of that water to a leak.

What can you do about your leaky shower head? First and foremost, you need to determine the location of your leak, so you can be sure that it gets fixed properly. Some of these leaks are caused by limescale and other debris clogging the holes in your shower head, and it just needs to be cleaned properly. A leak can also be caused by your shower head is being adjusted to different heights on a daily basis, to accommodate several family members. The constant moving can loosen the arm and cause a hidden leak in your shower head. If you can find a position that everyone in your household can agree on and be comfortable with, it will help avoid leaks in the future.

A leak in your home is something that no one wants to deal with, but it does happen and needs to be taken care of quickly. Whether your toilet is leaking, or you have a leaky shower head, Richardson Plumbing can provide expert help and excellent customer service. Our friendly team of experts can quickly assess and fix any plumbing problems you may have in your home. Give us a call today to keep your home running smoothly.

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Keeping an Eye on Mold Growth in Your Bathroom


No one wants to hear those three dreadful words, “You have mold.” Mold is not a friendly guest. To make sure you never hear that phrase you should always keep an eye on mold growth in your bathroom. Your family will thank you for it. At Richardson Plumbing we specialize in bathroom repair and maintenance. We want to be sure you and your family know what the signs of mold are and what can happen if you do get mold so that you can strive to prevent it. With a wet and hot environment mold can easily grow, but if you keep an eye on it, it doesn’t have to. We are proud to be located in Florence, KY and we are honored to be serving Northern KY and Cincinnati as well.

Hold the Mold Please!

The best way to be mold free in your bathroom is to be knowledgeable about mold and how it works. There can be many signs of mold and the faster you handle them you are less likely to have a continuous problem. When keeping an eye on mold growth in your bathroom you don’t only have to use your eyes, you can and should also use your nose! Mold has a very distinctive smell. Have you ever walked in an older home that has been vacant for a while? It smells “old” but usually the real culprit is mold. Your bathroom can be a potential breeding ground for several reasons. For one, condensation happens all the time when you shower. The condensation can get trapped in the bathroom’s walls since the air can’t hold all of the moisture itself. Be on the lookout for signs of water in your walls.

Another way mold can creep into your bathroom is flooding or leaking. Be sure to keep an eye on any area where your toilet may have leaked. This could mean that you may have a busted pipe around your toilet. Don’t worry, our trained professional plumbers at Richardson Plumbing can fix any leaky pipe in your home!

Unfortunately, we can’t keep mold from growing in your home, but you can. Overflowing toilets, floods in your home, and the water you leave on the floor from getting out of the shower can all contribute to mold growth. Be sure to wipe up any water that might be left on your floor as you see it. Mold has a very distinctive look. Check for small dark spots, as they are likely mold. Just because they are small does not mean they are not dangerous. When keeping an eye on mold, check for any loose tile you may have in your bathroom. Loose tile can be a breeding ground for mold. To avoid that, fix the tile as soon as possible.

Our customers are our top priority. We want you and your family to have a mold free bathroom and to be able to identify the early warning signs of it. Keeping up with your bathroom cleaning and maintenance will help everyone in your household safe!

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How to Know You Need a Professional Plumber

How to Know You Need a Professional Plumber

There are times when it may be very obvious that you need to call a plumber, such as a pipe bust with water flowing through your house. But sometimes, plumbing problems are not so recognizable! Calling a professional is in most cases the most efficient and quick way to get problems resolved. This is very true with plumbing, as it can be messy and challenging to fix plumbing issues even for the most knowledgeable home owner. At Richardson Plumbing we are here to help which is why we have provided a few different circumstances to help you know when it is time to call our professionals!

Water leaks can be obvious but they also can be issues that creep up on you. For example, many people notice their water bill increasing and do not connect this issue to a plumbing problem. It is imperative to check your water usage and monthly bill to stay ahead of these types of problems. Each month your bill should remain fairly close to the month prior. If you are noticing a significant increase in your bill it may be due to a water leak. Detecting water leaks can be as simple as turning off your water and watching your meter for movement.
A clogged toilet may seem like no big deal but it can lead to serious plumbing complications. If your toilet requires plunging more than one time per week it may be time to replace it. You should not be hassling with the aggravation of a clogged toilet on a daily or even weekly basis. Plunging and consistently fussing over your toilet can become a nuisance and should be resolved sooner rather than later. At Richardson Pluming our staff is experienced and happy to help with all your plumbing needs.

Pipe damage is a common problem is colder climates however freezing damage can be prevented very easily with a couple simple steps. The first step is to leave your faucets running slowly; moving water through the pipes will usually prevent them from freezing. Keep your home warm and do not allow it to go below 32 degrees in the spaces where pipes are located. By allowing warm air to enter into areas such as the garage or storage room you can protect your pipes from the harsh cold weather. Believe it or not tree roots are another cause for pipe damage. Trees looking for moisture, can actually puncture through your pipes with their hair-like roots and can cause clogs and breakage. If you have noticed a pipe break, do not stress! Richardson Plumbing is here to take away the headache of a pipe break.

If you think you may have a plumbing problem it is essential to call Richardson Plumbing right away, the problem will most likely only worsen. The plumbing issue will not go away on its own, it is best to get ahead of the issue. At Richardson Plumbing our professionals are knowledgeable, friendly and experienced. We are family owned and operated and we always guarantee our customers quick service at a fair and honest price. At Richardson Plumbing we provide full service plumbing to the Northern KY and Cincinnati areas. Call us today for assistance!

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Thanksgiving Plumbing Tips


Thanksgiving is considered the busiest time of the year for the plumbing industry.

There is a reason why the Thanksgiving holiday season is often the busiest time of the year for most residential plumbers that makes perfect sense when you stop to think about it. Cooking large and elaborate meals, and eating and disposing of these meals combined with numerous visitors to your home that use the toilet, shower, and even launder clothes can put excess strain on almost any home’s plumbing system. Excessive usage quickly takes its toll on sinks and main sewer lines making conditions just right for a potential emergency right in the middle of the Thanksgiving holidays.

The two primary reasons that plumbers often stay so busy over the Thanksgiving holidays are related to kitchen clogs and garbage disposals. However, the number of guests testing the limits of showers, toilets, and washing machines do nothing to make the situation any easier. Experiencing plumbing issues can wreak havoc on any holiday celebration and as a result most people consider any plumbing, sewage, or drainage problems an “emergency” that need to be addressed sooner immediately and not a moment later. People expect a quick response by a dependable plumber that provides high quality services at an affordable price.

Consider the following tips to keep your plumbing working as efficiently as possible throughout the Thanksgiving holidays. This will ensure you spend more time with your family than your plumber.

1. Call us to make certain your plumbing and drains are functioning properly several weeks prior to the holidays.
2. Request that visitors wait at least ten minutes between showers. This gives excess hair and waste moving through the plumbing lines time to disperse and dispose of itself as opposed to giving it the opportunity to back up and clog your pipes.
3. Make sure that the only thing flushed down the toilet is toilet paper. Never, ever flush leftover food or facial scrubbing pads, Q-tips, and cotton balls. They cannot dissolve properly and clog the plumbing lines.
4. Make certain that you dispose of fats and cooking oil properly instead of pouring it down the sink. If it is poured down the drain, it can quickly solidify in the pipes resulting in clogs. Use paper towels to wipe away grease from pots and pans and then throw them in the trash.
5. Use trash cans to dispose of most items as opposed to the sinks, drains, and the garbage disposal. This helps to extend the life of your appliances by reducing wear and tear. This decreases the likelihood that they will become backed up or clogged during the holidays.
6. Never put fibrous, stringy, or starchy waste materials in the garbage disposal. Foods such as celery, poultry skins, fruits, and more can actually be harmful to the garbage disposal. It is extremely difficult for the garbage disposal to break down these foods properly which causes them to clog up the drains.
7. Finally, make certain that the disposal is running anytime you put food down it. Never wait until it is full. Also, make certain that you are running plenty of water while the disposal is running and for a short period after it is turned off.

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