Toilet Repair and Replacement

Toilet Repair & Replacement in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati

A clogged toilet is one of the most common and annoying plumbing problems. If you flush your toilet and are suddenly faced with the horror of an overflowing bowl, it is most likely due to a clog. Richardson Plumbing of Florence, Kentucky, utilizes the highest quality equipment and top-notch training to get rid of any clogs in your toilet, so that you don’t have to deal with flooding toilets from future clogs!

Toilet Function

Out of all of the plumbing appliances in your house, the toilet is the one that’s used the most. Unless you plan on using the great outdoors as your replacement bathroom, a toilet clog or break calls for immediate action. It is important to understand the basic function of a toilet to better asses the need for professional help when faced with a problem. There are three main parts to a toilet: the tank, bowl, and siphon tube. All three of these parts must function properly for stress free toilet use. The water tank rests against the wall, behind the bowl, and is filled with water. Inside the tank are refill and overflow tubes, a stopper, and a float. All these pieces are essential for the proper function of the flushing mechanism. Upon flushing, the chain connected to the stopper is lifted, sending the water down into the bowl once the dirty water is siphoned through the siphon tube. After the water in the bowl is replaced, the stopper closes and the bowl is refilled. Once the float reaches the proper height, the water stops running in the tank and is then ready for the next use. Here at Richardson Plumbing, we provide the best Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Toilet Repair and Replacement services, and are proud to be available whenever you need us.

Toilet Problems

Now that you understand all the necessary parts of a toilet, you can understand why repair may be more difficult than just a simple clog. If one part of the mechanism is broken, the toilet will eventually malfunction. If these are not malfunctioning, your clog could be just a clog and it may be possible to correct the issue with a plunger or snake. But, to avoid any problems, like leaks, clogs, and overflow, or to fix any issues you find you cannot fix yourself, Richardson Plumbing specializes in a wide range of repair and replacement services.

Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Toilet Repair and Replacement Services:

  • Toilet Installation
  • Repair Leaking Toilet
  • Toilet Flush Repair
  • Toilet Parts Replacement
  • Toilet Seat Repair
  • Leaky Toilet Repair
  • Running Toilet Repair
  • Toilet Valve Repair
  • Toilet Flange Repair

Why Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Should Hire Us For Their Toilet Repair and Replacement

As a Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky leading Toilet Repair and Replacement contractor, Richardson Plumbing can help with all kinds of Toilet Repair and Replacement — from home to business and more. Richardson Plumbing promises to treat your home like one of our own — always wearing foot covers and leaving it in the same, if not better condition than the way we found it. At Richardson Plumbing, our Cincinnati Ohio & Northern Kentucky area plumbers have decades of training and experience in the plumbing area. Our handy, family-friendly Toilet Repair and Replacement crew is licensed, insured and ready to help you out with a smile on their faces. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and our Angie’s List membership, you can trust us with your next Toilet Repair and Replacement project — Call Richardson Plumbing in Northern Kentucky & Cincinnati today!