What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Washer Hose

What You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Washer Hose

You see and use your washing machine on most days, but what about the hoses that are hidden behind it? Though you may not see the hose or know much about it, it is important to keep it properly maintained to prevent water leaks and keep your washing machine working properly. Washer hoses are often neglected because most home owners do not realize the role they play in their laundry routine and the importance of caring for them properly. At Richardson Plumbing, our goal is to offer excellent customer service at a competitive price. Maintaining your washer hoses is a chore not frequently talked about, but by taking the following steps you can simplify your life and ensure that each washer hose is working correctly.

Check your hoses for damage often. The hoses hidden behind your washing machine can lead to huge problems if damage occurs. Don’t let it get that far! By checking the hoses once a month for any damage, you could be preventing large amounts of property damage. When checking your hose, look for any obvious damage first, but also be sure you aren’t missing something small, such as a crack. Potential damage includes bulging, blistering, fading or leaking. If you do notice your hose has some damage, it is time to replace. Replacing sooner rather than later will save you money and time in the long run. However, even if you don’t notice any damage, there could be internal damage. It’s best to replace your washer hoses every 5 years, even if no damage is detected. Take the time to check your hoses and save yourself the stress and misery that can result if yours becomes damage. Do not let a problem go unnoticed!

Make sure your washing machine is in the correct position and location. The placement of your washing machine can make all the difference in the safety and function of the washer hoses. Your washing machine should be at least four inches off the wall to prevent the hoses from kinking, which can cause breaks and leaks. Placing your washing machine on a flat surface and making sure it is level is also important to keeping the hoses damage-free. If the machine is unbalanced it can cause destruction to the hoses during spin cycles when the machine moves rapidly back and forth. Even if your washing machine is just slightly off or unbalanced, it could cause a gentle vibration that could cause damage to your washing machine hose.

The washing machine hoses are a very important part of your washing machine, and at Richardson Plumbing we want to do our part to make your plumbing issues stress-free. Our expert staff is dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with your service and overall experience. Our staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly, and with nearly two decades of experience, you can be sure that our staff will provide you with the care you deserve. Whether you have a specific plumbing problem or you are considering some of our other services, choose Richardson plumbing. We are family-owned and operated, and we pride ourselves on excellent word-of-mouth referrals and outstanding recommendations. At Richardson Plumbing, we are family-friendly and always treat our customers with respect and honesty. We are conveniently located in Florence, KY, and we proudly service the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati area.

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